Monday, December 11, 2017

Touchdown Maker Baker

Congratulations to quarterback Baker Mayfield of the Oklahoma Sooners in winning the 2017 Heisman Trophy.

Mayfield is the sixth Sooner to win the award, and the first walk on player to ever win the award.

The voting was chalk this year, with Mayfield's victory was the third largest.

We do not have a Heisman vote, but if we had one, our top five was as follows:

1.    Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
2.    Bryce Love, RB, Stanford
3.    Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville
4.    McKenzie Milton, QB, UCF
5.    Saquon Barkley,  RB, Penn State

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Ame Higher

For those who house a viewpoint outside a seemingly politically correct perceived norm, the risk of being bullied both verbally and physically by lynch mobs is increasingly dangerous, a trend that must be decisively thwarted.

We were alerted to this very sad story via former adult star Jenna Jameson via Twitter.

It would seem reasonable that unless a contract was executed to the contrary, an adult performer would seemingly have the right to work with other performers they choose and not be forced to work with performers they were uncomfortable with.

August Ames, a relatively new but highly successful performer in the industry, essentially tweeted that thought process, stating that she chose not work with male performers who "crossed over," performing in gay and straight scenes. My body, My rules" Ames stated.

On Twitter; however, her comments created a Twitterstorm. The Daly Mail reports that "Following the post, Ames was accused of being homophobic, as social media users clamored for her to issue an apology."

The Mirror reports "After the row she was hounded by online trolls and it seems her last tweet was in response to the hate she received. "F*** y'all," she tweeted."

Ames was thoroughly berated and bullies on social media, and it appeared to have culminated in her suicide as Ames was found dead just hours later at home in Camarillo, California.

While it should be noted that it is reported in The Mirror that Ames, whose real name was Mercedes Grabowski, had suffered from long-term depression, it is beyond reasonable to conclude that the cyber bullying she experienced was a catalyst to her suicide.

Cyber bullying is an action that that must be decisively thwarted. This type of activity is a form of assault and is unacceptable.
Anyone being bullied should seek immediate help, for we all have value with each of us being special in the eyes of God.

Nobody has the right to bully anybody, and while anybody is welcome to house differing views, you have every right to be exactly who you want to be.

If you are being bullied, or have issues with depression, please reach out to someone you are comfortable with to help, and if don't have anyone, governmental agencies and law enforcement can help.

Nobody should feel such pressure to take the path of the beautiful August Ames.

Adult movie star August Ames, 23, is found dead after being accused of homophobia

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Glorious Morning Frost

There was a very welcomed cool Frost across Cornhusker country this morning.

As former Husker DE Adam Carriker so eloquently tweeted:

Scott Frost, native son and former Husker star quarterback who after some years playing in the National Football League successfully climbed the coaching ladder to find himself winning the AAC Championship as head coach of UCF, was announced this afternoon as head football coach of his, and our, beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers.

The events that led to the hiring of Frost were plentiful, but as the landscape is reviewed, desperately needed. Nebraska has not won a championship of any kind since 1999. While there have some good times (some thought at one point Bo Pelini, who won at least 9 games every season he coached, was going to take there but faltered on reaching the elite), the program has been in a declining state since the legendary Tom Osborne retired.

With Bo Pelini fired, mostly for an adversarial relationship with superiors along with sideline behavior unbecoming someone representing Nebraska, Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst went on his own and hired Mike Riley from Oregon State, a very nice man with a long and varied coaching record who represented the antithesis of Pelini.

Most in Husker Nation were against at the hire; I was not. I thought, given his experience, he would be able to excel with the resources Nebraska would give him, as he had achieved with so much less. I was quite wrong in my assessment of the hiring of Mike Riley.

Riley is a good man, and he represented Nebraska with dignity. Much of his command off the field was quite good, and recruiting, the mother's milk of a successful football program, was steadily ascending. However, the product on the field was poor. The first of Riley's three seasons were littered with mind boggling and painful last second losses, but culminated with perhaps the best game, a victory over UCLA in the Foster Farms Bowl which seemed to give indication of what could be. A 9-4 season in 2016 seemed decent on the surface, but the victories were close wins over weak teams, and other than falling to Wisconsin in a close one, the Big Red was not competitive against other top teams, with big losses to Iowa and Tennessee to close out the season.

One could argue the program was ascending, but in early 2017 the case being made on that point came crashing to reality in a stunning home loss to Northern Illinois. Nobody would state it publicly, but unless Nebraska ran the table, the Mike Riley tenure would end.

Then came news that Chancellor Ronnie Green and Hank Bounds had decided that Nebraska would part company with AD Eichorst. Husker Nation was enthusiastic about this appropriate development. Since Eichorst was fired, and he was the one who hired Riley, it seemed they were somewhat joined at the hip, and with Eichorst gone, Riley would soon follow.

In short order, Green announced Nebraska had hired Bill Moos from Washington State, and formerly of Oregon, as new Athletic Director. Moos signaled that he would evaluate the status of the football program and would not make any changes until the season was over.

Meanwhile, the records were being set with the football program; records of futility. Nebraska was widely embarrassed, again, in a home loss to Ohio State. A come from behind victory at Purdue masked 58 minutes of ineffectiveness. Then, Nebraska was listless at Minnesota and got scorched for over 50 points in defeat (Minnesota was shut out in their next two games).  Penn State clobbered the Huskers and Iowa knocked Nebraska out in a humiliating home loss to close the season, as this group finishes 4-8 and ineligible for a bowl contest. In the last three games, each of Nebraska's opponents scored over 50 points, something that had not happened since the era of World War II.


Moos then promptly dismissed Riley and the staff, save Trent Bray. This move shocked absolutely nobody.

As the season was painfully drawing to a close, we learned of many areas of concern within the program. The lack of toughness and want to on the field was obvious, but behind the scenes the most significant of the issues was a lack of leadership, with differing factions between various levels of the program.  Along with the play on the field, this was not an environment which set a foundation for success. Quite the contrary.

A clean slate was required, one which fumigated the acceptance of losing.  Leadership was needed in the form of responsibility, accountability and disciple; the definition of the known goals and objectives and prices that need to be paid to reach the desired levels of achievement.

A return to the way Nebraska used to handle its business.

When Moos arrived, he did not sit behind a desk. He met the people; via social media, sports talk shows, around campus and at the games. He reached out to boosters and fans alike, and this group smothered in frustration gave him an earful.

They told him what to do, but Moos already knew what to do; hire a great football coach who understood what the fabric of Nebraska football was and could restore the order.

As it turned out, the most sought after and successful young football coach in the country was one of our own. It was Scott Frost, who knew exactly the characteristics of Nebraska, the state and the football program.

Moos seems a powerful man quite comfortable in his own skin, but he no doubt realized that although every Husker from Orlando to Spokane wanted him to hire Frost, Frost was indeed the top candidate for any football program in need of new direction. For Nebraska, Frost was the only candidate.

Scott Frost had Tom Osborne down to speak to his Central Florida boosters and team before the season in August. I attended the events, and outside of hearing Osborne speak, had a great time reminiscing about the glory days of Husker football with former linemen Bill Bobbora and Greg Austin. Austin, or Coach G, who is the offensive line coach for Frost at UCF,  is reportedly joining Frost at Nebraska, and this is great news as the offensive line play was among the areas on the field that were most disappointing.

While the events were quite enjoyable, one thing stood out to be sure, and that was how much Tom Osborne meant to Scott Frost.

Walking out to our trucks after an evening event, Frost and I discussed how meaningful it was for him to quarterback Nebraska to the win over Tennessee in the Orange Bowl giving the Huskers the 1997 National Title, which turned out the be the last game Osborne would ever coach.  Frost said it was just such an honor for him to have helped get that victory for his beloved coach.

I am not sure if Osborne and Frost discussed anything about Frost potentially coming home at these events, but given the vibe I observed, I had zero doubt Frost would return to Lincoln if called upon.

Nebraska called, and although it was no doubt a difficult decision, Frost chose to come home.

Make no mistake. Frost genuinely loves his team at Central Florida, and the fine people of this wonderful university. Orlando is not called The City Beautiful for nothing; Frost and his family adore the area.

But, Nebraska is home. That red "N" means so much to Nebraskans, and an opportunity to restore this proud program to its rightful level among the nations elite that those in Husker Nation can be proud of once again is a task Frost could not turn away from, and did not.

I have no doubt Frost will accomplish his goals. Spend five minutes with this man, and you will know that he is a principled and caring individual, a humble but intoxicating presence that while demanding the best from those around him, understands that hard work and integrity that take individuals, and teammates, a long way.

Oh, and Frost likes to have a lot of fun along the way.

The announcement of Scott Frost as head coach of the Cornhuskers, with Tom Osborne standing by along with over 100 former players who showed up, to not only congratulate Frost, but to offer assistance, brought allergic reactions to the eyes of hundred of thousands (105,000 on to view presser) Husker faithful across the nation, myself gleefully included.

It was a glorious morning of Frost on the ground in Lincoln today.

Welcome home Coach Frost!  We are thrilled beyond words to have you back home with us.

Good Luck and Go Big Red!

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

End of Regular Season Top 25

1.      Clemson, 12-1, 1
2.      Georgia, 12-1, 5
3.      Oklahoma, 12-1, 3
4.      Alabama, 11-1, 6
5.      Ohio State, 11-2, 8
6.      Auburn, 10-3, 2
7.      UCF, 12-0, 9
8.      Southern Cal, 11-2, 10
9.      Wisconsin, 11-1, 4
10.    Miami, 10-2, 7    
11.    Penn State, 10-2, 11
12.    Washington, 10-2, 14
13.    Stanford, 10-3, 13
14.    Louisiana State, 9-3, 15
15.    Notre Dame, 9-3, 16
16.    Memphis, 10-2, 17
17.    Texas Christian, 10-3, 12
18.    Michigan State, 9-3, 18
19.    Oklahoma State, 9-3, 19
20.    South Florida, 9-2, 20
21.    Washington State, 9-3, 21
22.    Northwestern, 9-3, 22
23.    Virginia Tech, 9-3, 23
24.    North Carolina State, 8-4, 24
25.    Louisville, 8-4, 25

LOOKING IN: Louisville, Texas A&M, Michigan, Boston College, Mississippi State, West Virginia, Kansas State, Houston, Missouri, Iowa State, San Diego State, Iowa, Troy, Oregon, South Carolina, Boise State and Fresno State.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.     Clemson, 11-1, 3
2.     Auburn, 10-2, 6
3.     Oklahoma, 11-1, 4
4.     Wisconsin, 12-0, 5
5.     Georgia, 11-1, 7
6.     Alabama, 11-1, 1
7.     Miami, 10-1, 2
8.     Ohio State, 10-2, 8
9.     UCF, 11-0, 10
10.   Southern Cal, 10-2, 11
11.   Penn State, 10-2, 12
12.   Texas Christian, 10-2, 13
13.   Stanford, 9-3, 15
14.   Washington, 10-2, 19
15.   Louisiana State, 9-3, 16
16.   Notre Dame, 9-3, 9
17.   Memphis, 10-1, 18
18.   Michigan State, 9-3, 17
19.   Oklahoma State, 9-3 21
20.   South Florida, 9-2, 20
21.   Washington State, 9-3, 14
22.   Northwestern, 9-3, 24
23.   Virginia Tech, 9-3, NR
24.   North Carolina State, 8-4, NR
25.   Louisville, 8-4, NR

OUT:  Mississippi State, (21), Iowa State (23), South Carolina (25)

LOOKING IN: Texas A&M, Michigan, Boston College, Mississippi State, West Virginia, Kansas State, Houston, Missouri, Iowa State, San Diego State, Iowa, Troy, Oregon, South Carolina and Fresno State.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.     Alabama, 11-0, 1
2.     Miami, 10-0, 2
3.     Clemson, 10-1, 3
4.     Oklahoma, 10-1, 4
5.     Wisconsin 11-0, 5
6.     Auburn, 9-2, 6
7.     Georgia, 10-1, 7
8.     Ohio State, 9-2, 8
9.     Notre Dame, 9-2, 9
10.   Central Florida, 10-0, 11
11.   Southern Cal, 10-2, 12
12.   Penn State, 9-2, 13
13.   Texas Christian, 9-2, 14
14.   Washington State, 9-2, 15
15.   Stanford, 8-3, 16
16.   Louisiana State, 8-3, 17
17.   Mississippi State, 8-3, 20
18.   Memphis, 9-1, 19
19.   Washington, 9-2, 18
20.   South Florida, 9-1, 22
21.   Oklahoma State, 8-3 10
22.   Michigan State, 8-3 NR
23.   Iowa State, 7-4, 25
24.   Northwestern, 8-3, NR
25.   South Carolina, 8-3 NR

OUT: Michigan (21), West Virginia (23) and North Carolina State (24)

LOOKING IN: Michigan, Boise State, Texas A&M, Wake Forest, North Carolina State, Louisville, Missouri, Kansas State, Boston College, West Virginia and Virginia.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.     Alabama, 10-0, 1
2.     Miami, 9-0, 5
3.     Clemson, 9-1, 4
4.     Oklahoma, 9-1, 6
5.     Wisconsin, 10-0, 8
6.     Auburn, 8-2, 10
7.     Georgia, 9-1, 2
8.     Ohio State, 8-2, 16
9.     Notre Dame, 8-2, 3
10.   Oklahoma State, 8-2, 11
11.   Central Florida, 9-0, 13
12    Southern Cal, 9-2, 20
13    Penn State, 8-2, 17
14.   Texas Christian, 8-2, 9
15.   Washington State, 9-2, 18
16.   Stanford, 7-3, NR
17.   Louisiana State, 7-3, 20
18.   Washington, 8-2, 7
19.   Memphis, 8-1, 19
20.   Mississippi State, 7-3, 24
21.   Michigan, 8-2, NR
22.   South Florida, 8-1, 23
23.   West Virginia, 7-3, 22
24.   North Carolina State, 7-3, NR
25.   Iowa State, 6-4, 25

OUT: Virginia Tech (17), Michigan State (19) and Iowa (21)

LOOKING IN:  Virginia Tech, Michigan State, Northwestern, Iowa, Arizona, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Wake Forest and Boise State

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.     Alabama, 9-0, 1
2.     Georgia, 9-0, 2
3.     Notre Dame, 8-1, 4
4.     Clemson, 8-1, 5
5.     Miami, 8-0, 8
6.     Oklahoma, 8-1, 9
7.     Washington, 8-1, 10
8.     Wisconsin, 9-0, 7
9.     Texas Christian, 8-1, 19
10.   Auburn, 7-2, 15
12.   Oklahoma State, 7-2, 12
13.   Virginia Tech, 7-2, 11
13.   UCF, 8-0, 13
14.   Michigan State, 7-2, NR
15.   Southern Cal, 8-2, 17
16.   Ohio State, 7-2, 3
17.   Penn State, 7-2, 6
18.   Washington State, 8-2, 25
19.   Memphis, 8-1, 20
20.   Louisiana State, 6-3, 14
21.   Iowa, 6-3, NR
22.   West Virginia, 6-3, NR
23.   South Florida, 8-1, NR
24.   Mississippi State, 7-2, 23
25.   Iowa State, 6-3, 18

OUT: Stanford (16), Arizona (21), North Carolina State (22) and South Carolina (24)

LOOKING IN:  Stanford, North Carolina State, Arizona, South Carolina, Michigan, Northwestern, Houston and San Diego State.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Halloween To Haunt Democrats

Gridiron Graveyard

It has been an extremely painful college football season this season, unlike any in my lifetime.

From the team of my heritage and foundation, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, and my alma mater, the Florida State Seminoles, unprecedented futility and ineptitude has stricken the once powerful pair.

Let's start with Nebraska.

The 'Huskers, with a storied history placed among the elite of the game (top five in all time victories), have slipped since the dominance of the mid 90's under Tom Osborne where they won three National Championships going on a 60-4 run.

Since Osborne hand picked Frank Solich to replace him (who was ushered out the door by an idiotic athletic director), the Huskers have basically tread water since 2000, with no conference titles. Three coaches have had their ups and downs, including the current coach Mike Riley.

I was excited, perhaps soaked with bias, when Riley was hired. I had always appreciated him from afar and was intrigued at what he could do with the resources Nebraska could provide.

Riley made missteps in putting together his original staff, which he has attempted over his tenure to address. However, it appears the athletic department and Riley had some miscommunication going on which did not allow everyone to act as one. This has hampered the ascension of the program.

After a brutal start of several last second close losses, year one gave hope as Nebraska played it's best game of the season taking out UCLA in a California bowl game. Year two saw Nebraska start 7-0 with a top ten ranking, but even a casual observer could see they were not very good. They collapsed, with several late lopsided losses to finish 9-4.

Riley had been recruiting well, and it was thought 2017 would start slow but begin to emerge with a combination of young talent assisting the veterans as the Big Red built for the future.

None of that has occurred, and the one thing that would be unacceptable, a home loss to a game considered won before kickoff, happened as Northern Illinois beat a seemingly uninspired Nebraska team.

All season, and for much of the tenure of Riley one could say, Nebraska has always play uninspired. All over the field, there appear a lack of "want to." Sometimes, it seems losing is not all that painful.

The coaching staff has made mistakes a plenty. We always refer to the horrendous job OC Danny Langsdorf did in an inexplicable loss at Illinois in year one, relentlessly throwing the ball into a stiff wind with a precarious lead, only to loss at the end. I have never thought he was any good.

The offensive line, is, well, offensive. High recruits regress in ability. The same people play, even if they are failing to do the job. Receivers drop passes, and who knows what the criteria for the depth chart at running back is. Observers of the program are seeking promising alternate players they know of on the side of milk cartons.

Defensively, people are shifting positions. One guy plays one week, goes on sabbatical only to show up out of nowhere weeks later. Areas of strength turn concerning. A pass rush is invisible. There is no fire, and teams have ridiculously been able to push around our defense when they need to.

Riley lost me after Northern Illinois, but had he gotten it done against Wisconsin I could have understood the spot of those backing him, what with the outstanding recruiting class that "appeared" on it's way.  But, Nebraska allowed Wisconsin to break it's will in a devastating display at Memorial Stadium.

Thankfully, AD Shaun Eichorst was terminated, and Bill Moos has taken over.

Moos observed Nebraska get smashed at home by a strong Ohio State team, which was demoralizing for those who consider themselves Cornhuskers.  It was brutal.

Moos appears to have already reached a decision that Riley will not return. It is the right decision.

With that assumed by most of Big Red nation, most have checked out on Nebraska 2017. That is understandable, but unfortunate. We are fans always, not just when wins are pilling up.

Fans are looking to the future, and that future includes a former Big Red quarterback named Scott Frost. Lighting the world on fire at UCF, Frost is the hottest name for those who are seeking a coach, most notably, the University of Florida.

Mike Riley is a very well respected individual and good football coach, but at 64, he may be inching toward retirement. Rather than think in the terms of dismissing Riley for poor performance, I would prefer to think of Nebraska as seizing the opportunity to bring home one of us, who has all the tools and acumen to perhaps be a one time in a generation coach who could instantly ignite a beaten down fan base.

Yes, it would appear recruiting could take a hit, especially in California where Riley was flat doing work, but the fact remains Nebraska is 4-4 and fighting for a bowl game, irrelevant on the national landscape.

As the new AD Bill Moos accurately stated, that is not where Nebraska belongs.

Come late November, Nebraskans will hope to look outside and find the landscape covered with FROST!

Now let us visit on the debacle that is taking place in Tallahassee, where Florida State, fresh of the 2013 National Championship, is laying an egg of gargantuan proportions.

Florida State, which started the year ranked third in the Associated Press, faced top ranked Alabama in the opener.  It was to be an epic game, with the loser not considered out of any national championship consideration. Florida State was in the game, got hosed by the refs before the half, and then mentally got loose. Alabama makes teams pay dearly for losing focus, and FSU lost the game 24-7.

But much more importantly, late in game the Seminoles lost quarterback Deondre Francois for the season due to a knee injury. And the season has gone swirling downward ever since.

Due to a questionable lack of depth at the quarterback position, Jimbo Fisher was forced to promote true freshman James Blackman to the position. Blackman has a bright future, and may win the job outright in 2018, but he was not ready to guide the Seminoles in 2017.

But, he is, and in all honesty, while he has made his share of true freshman mistakes, the young man is not the problem.  What is the problem is a lack of mental focus and overall leadership, both from the players and the assistant coaches.

The offensive line played fairly well against Alabama, but quickly regressed and has been a significant issue throughout the year. Cam Akers and Jacques Patrick (out injured now but perhaps coming back) have done well at running back, but he receiving core lacks quality depth, and while there have been moments, lacks consistency and has been unable to rise up to help the young quarterback.

Defensively, it is most puzzling. The line, who appear to house quality starters and depth, is stout one play and pushed around the next. Boston College ran it down FSU's throat, so obviously, these guys are not giving it 100% every play. The ends excel at rushing the passer, and are highly thought of. But, they crash down on running plays, failing often to close the corner hence allowing big plays around the perimeter. The linebacker play is erratic. Matthew Thomas is all over the field making big plays, but then we look up and see a back bursting through the middle for a big gain. It is very rare to see somebody fill a hole with some authority, making the observing eye question the "want to." We think Derwin James is not the player he was prior to his injury. When you are in his space, he will destroy you, but he is not making the distance plays coming from his spot to disrupt pass attempts of loose runners. The other safeties have disappointed, but the biggest disappointment has been All America corner Tavarus McFadden. He dances around if he defends a play well (or the opposing receiver drops the ball), but his lack of focus in getting beat cost us the game against Miami. He has been just awful at returning punts as well, and the special teams has not been good at all, really hurting the 'Noles against Alabama.

The issue is not talent, but rather between the ears, which is most disappointing. It is shocking Coach  Fisher has not been able to right this ship, and now, a record 35 year string of bowl appearances is in dire jeopardy. Of course, if you get beat at Boston College 35-3, you don't really deserve to attend a bowl game.

Sadly, it does not appear enough players on the field are as concerned about these issues as I am, which is beyond concerning.  And, the fans see it, with many choosing to remain amid the flowing beers at Madison Social then making their way into the scorching heat of these noon games teams who are 2-5 are forced to play.

Assistant coaches will be shown the door after this dismal campaign, and if Jimbo Fisher is not careful, he may be joining them. Fisher has earned the right to get a chance to fix it, but I can absolutely assure you a losing record without a bowl bid is not going to be tolerated at Florida State, particularly considering the team has more talent than almost every team they play.

We are watching who is going through the motions and who is out there giving it all with Seminole pride! With Syracuse in town for parents weekend, this would not be a good time to embarrass yourself. In fact, it is time to play Seminole football, beginning the road to reestablishing owning DOAK and restoring our rightful spot among the elite of the college football landscape.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Lock Her Up!

Enough is enough!

The Democrats have pulled off the ultimate deception of projection ever seen.

It turns out the whole Russian thing has nothing to do with Donald Trump, but everything to do with Democrats engaging in the corrupt and illegal activity they accuse Trump of doing.

If we remain a nation of laws, given these latest developments, several people need to be held accountable, which would include many being locked up.

Judge Jeanine holds nothing back, and I agree with her without reservation:

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.     Alabama, 8-0, 1
2.     Georgia, 8-0, 2
3.     Ohio State, 7-1, 8
4.     Notre Dame, 7-1, 9
5.     Clemson, 7-1, 6
6.     Penn State, 7-1, 3
7.     Wisconsin, 8-0, 5
8.     Miami, 7-0, 7
9.     Oklahoma, 7-1, 10
10.   Washington, 7-1, 11
11.   Virginia Tech, 7-1, 13
12.   Oklahoma State, 7-1, 14
13.   UCF, 7-0,  15
14.   Louisiana State, 6-2, 19
15.   Auburn, 6-2, 20
16.   Stanford, 6-2, 18
17.   Southern Cal, 7-2, 21
18.   Iowa State, 6-2, NR
19.   Texas Christian, 7-2, 4
20.   Memphis, 7-1, 25
21.   Arizona, 6-2, NR
22.   North Carolina State, 6-2, 12
23.   Mississippi State, 6-2, NR
24.   South Carolina, 6-2, NR
25.   Washington State, 7-2, 22

OUT: South Florida, (16), Michigan State (17) West Virginia (23) and Texas A&M (24)

NEXT: West Virginia, Michigan State, Michigan, South Florida, Wake Forest, Houston,  Kentucky, Northwestern, Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, Boston College, Iowa and Arizona State.