Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Hall of BAHL

Sports is and always has played a significant role in my life. I have found that most all of life's lessons are learned between the lines. Discipline, individual responsibility, teamwork and sportsmanship are among many opportunities presented within the games that offer guidance to prosper in life.

Over the years, there have been many individuals associated with sports that I have looked up to, been a fan of, owned a jersey of or just pulled for. These are my guys, and although it has not always been a road without bumps for many, these are my guys. In an effort to recognize these folks, I have formed The Hall of BAHL.

Individuals making this list may or may not be the greatest ever players, coaches or ambassadors, but they are my favorites. Each year, I will induct five members into The Hall of BAHL. In honor of my good buddy and Sportsman Big Ole BudFeiser, who we lost in 2011 and who I grew up playing sports with, each class will annually be announced on his birthday, June 13.

The inductees for the 2017 Hall of BAHL class are listed in no particular order below:


Trev Alberts came to Nebraska from Cedar Rapids, IA to play football for the Cornhuskers.

Alberts became an All-American at defensive end for the 'Huskers, winning the Butkus Award for the nation's top linebacker in 1993.

In perhaps his top performance for the Big Red, Alberts, playing with an injured elbow, had three sacks of Florida State Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Charlie Ward in the Orange Bowl, a game I attended (somewhat in turmoil given my heartfelt allegiance to both Universities).

Alberts went on to be the sixth pick in the NFL Draft, selected by the Indianapolis Colts.  Although he played three season, that arm injury lingered and Alberts never quite materialized to be the NFL player many hope he would become.

No worries; Alberts was a consensus Academic All American, earning an NCAA Top Six Award.

After football, Alberts turned up working at CNN/SI as a college football analyst. In 2002, ESPN hired Alberts and he became part of top analyst team. Alberts often argued with co-host Mark May, and while the fans enjoyed it, it became too heavy for ESPN and Alberts was let go in 2005.

Now, Trev Alberts is Athletic Director at The University of Nebraska-Omaha.  The Mavericks athletic program has been making great strides under the leadership of Alberts, who just may find himself back in Lincoln performing that duty at a late date.

While Florida State was in New Orleans waiting to play Virginia Tech for the National Championship in New Orleans, we ran into Alberts, who was in town covering the game for CNN. Before being called away late in the game to do a Sugar Bowl preview, Alberts joined our group to watch Nebraska bury Tennessee in the Fiesta Bowl.

We really enjoyed that experience, loved Albert as a Husker and welcome him as a 2017 inductee to the Hall of BAHL


Ole #11

That is how Mike Martin, who has been manager of FSU Baseball since 1978, like to be referred to as.

Martin took over for Dick Howser, who left to manage the New York Yankees and later managed the Kansas City Royals to a World Series championship in 1985.

Florida State under Martin has had tremendous success, and leading the Seminoles to 38 consecutive regional tournament appearances and 16 trips to the College World Series, winning at least 40 games for the 38th consecutive seasons. That is some resume.

Only a championship could top of Martin's career, which includes playing in the College World Series for the Seminoles. Yes, Martin has always been a Seminole.

Beyond his coaching attributes, Martin is a complete class act.  He has warmed the hearts of fans talking baseball across the nation at Seminole Booster events, and I have had many an occasion to visit with him, as pictured above some years back.

Eleven is among the most beloved figures in Florida State history, nothing would be nicer to than for the Seminoles to win the College World Series in 2017. They are one of eight going to Omaha!

Florida State baseball's Mike Martin joins the Hall of BAHL


When we arrived at Tropicana Field in St. Pete to watch our Kansas City Royals take on the home Tampa Bay Rays, we had no idea what the day would hold.

While watching the Royals take batting practice, just off the dugout, rising Royal Eric Hosmer tossed a ball to my daughter, and life has not been quite the same. From that moment, our family have been huge Eric Hosmer fans.

Whether we have watched at The K in Kansas City or over at the Trop, we have always cheered on theReal305, who happens to be a fellow Floridian.  He has not disappointed either, always smiling and waving to us, and knocking some home runs along the way.

Hosmer has become one of the premier players in the league, earning All Star honors and winning a truck last year of the MVP of the game. Hosmer played an integral role helping Kansas City to back to back World Series, with the Royals winning the 2015 title.  Forever Royal!

Consideration was given to wait another year to induct Eric, as he is a free agent and may not re-sign with Kansas City. The Royals desperately want to keep him, as he is not only an All Star player and a team leader, but has gained favor in the greater Kansas City community for his charitable activities.

Hosmer was Raised Royal, and I certainly hope the Royals can find a way to keep in Kansas City. However, we are great fans of Eric will support him in all future endeavors as he has given us plenty of Royal Roar and smiles along the way. Here's hoping one of our all time favorites, Eric Hosmer, stays Forever Royal as he is welcomed as a 2017 inductee into the Hall of BAHL


Jeff Gordon, The Wonder Boy, was a California kid who entered NASCAR just as Richard Petty retired and took the sport by storm, becoming a four time champion driving for the famed Rick Hendrick stable of Chevrolet's.

Jeff Gordon's Hendrick Racing Chevy SS

Gordon, who was hated by the fans of rival Dale Earnhardt, earned the respect of the garage area and his fellow drivers, by not only winning races, but by carrying himself in sportsmanship and humility.

If fact, him and Earnhardt became quite good friends, even engaging in some avenues of business together.

Jeff Gordon is third all time in wins, with 93, trailing only David Pearson and the King, Richard Petty.

While Gordon was not my favorite out there, it always seemed he was my second favorite.  My wife and I got the experience of a lifetime watching live in person Gordon winning the 2005 Daytona 500.

Gordon retired, only to be called back to substitute for an injured Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in 2016. But Gordon seems officially out now, having settled in to a new career, doing an outstanding job as an analyst joining Mike Joy and famed drive Darrell Waltrip in the booth for NASCAR coverage for FOX Sports.

Jeff Gordon becomes the fourth NASCAR drive to become a member of the Hall of BAHL.


As a young boy, when I first became aware of NBA basketball, I became a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks. Maybe it was the red and green uniforms, but more likely, it was the players on the team. There was the famed Big O, Oscar Robertson, and Bobby Dandridge along with two UCLA guys, guard Lucious Allen and center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Almost immediately after I became a fan, Allen and Jabbar went to join the Los Angeles Lakers. I went along with them.

Abdul-Jabbar, formerly Lew Alcindor, was a towering figure, both figuratively and literally, within the game. Kareem, known as The Captain for the Lakers, had developed his own unstoppable shot; the sky hook. Jabbar could probably make a living in the league to this day with that shot!

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will without question always be one of the greatest basketball players of all time, a mellow individual who was a fierce competitor who embraced discipline and commitment.

Abdul-Jabbar is also a noted author and an outspoken individual off the court, who more often than not seems to approach topics with thoughtfulness and respect.  I am rarely in agreement with Kareem on the issues of the day, but I do respect him as an individual and appreciate the greatness he exhibited on the hardwood.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the Captain, is now a member of the Hall of BAHL.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Cowardly Whiplash

"James Comey is a poisonous snake of the highest order… a deep-water Swamp Denizen who has been highly paid to deliberately provide cover for high-level corruption by the Clintons and Obama. He has been central to trying to destroy the Trump campaign and then the Trump administration from the start. He is as dirty as they come in DC. He had highest-level cover (the FBI no less) and was deep into an effort to eliminate Trump."

It makes sense, as the recent actions and testimonies of FBI Director Comey have been bewildering, appearing to tightrope appeal to both sides while using the law and agency discretion seemingly at whim. Is the reason for these "interesting" actions because he is an elite fixer?

"I'll say this for the suddenly departed FBI honcho James Comey: He's caused enough cases of whiplash to collapse Obamacare before the end of the week" wrote Mark Steyn.

Without question, Comey's tenure was a circus act, and he had to go.

Then came his Congressional testimony.

The left was hoping he would drop a bomb which would fuel the fire to impeach President Trump. Boy howdy, the level of disappointment they must have.

Comey had no smoking gun within his testimony, revealing a significant dislike for Trump. However, Comey seemed to create more questions than he answered.

He appeared to commit perjury based upon previous testimony when he described himself as playing a role in leaking information to the media. In addition, questions were raised about his lack of control of presumed confidential conversation.

What other information did Comey feel it necessary to leak?

Another interesting portion of his testimony is when he described waking up in the middle of the night, thinking that if tapes existed Trump may potentially release, he had to get out front of it by leaking his version of the events.  Well, if he was accurate about what happened, it would seem to me he would sleep fine knowing he would be vindicated upon their release.  He did not, and that tells you about everything you need to know.

Comey also described troubling actions by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, seeming to implicate himself in inconsistent action and potentially partisan obstruction.

“We need to round up all those people he [Comey] talked to – because we have a conspiracy remaining a foot in the Department of Justice that is going to be out to destroy this president and they’ve got to be fired if not worse.” - Rep. Louie Gohmert (R:TX).

Comey comes across well to the ill informed; however, his a deeply partisan egotistical individual who if given the opportunity, would plan to direct outcomes to his hearts delight.

Thankfully, he has been removed from having that opportunity, and should actually be investigated.

The Inside Story on James Comey

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Evil Hatred

Comedian Kathy Griffin is, simply put, full of hate.

Her video depicting the decapitation of President Donald Trump, ISIS style, is certainly beyond despicable and light years away from legitimate differences of opinion.  But beyond that, it displays an inner level of hatred that not only lies in the heart of Kathy Griffin, but with a seeming majority of the self proclaimed tolerable and caring leftists.

The above cartoon brilliantly takes the point a step further.

To enhance a political agenda, the left embraces the selling of post (we think) aborted baby body parts.

If anything describes the heartless hatred of these individuals, it is indeed that.

And the low information crowd supporting their efforts have no idea they are championing a group of people who seek control over their livelihoods.

It may be beneficial, from a historical perspective, to note that the party who strongly opposed the civil rights movement was in fact the Democrats.

Just sayin.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Evidence Be Damned

Evidence of the ever changing narrative of leftists and their partners in the news media. Once Trump won, this narrative flipped at break neck velocity.

Monday, May 29, 2017

No Angel

"Blues ain't nothing but a good man felling bad."  --Gregg Allman

We are losing quite a bit of famed musical artists, and the latest was this weekend as it was announced that Gregg Allman of The Allman Brothers had passed at 69.

Gregg, as his hit record will attest, was no angel living the hard life of a rock star, but his contributions to the blues was top notch. You wonder if he always felt as if he were tied to a whippin post.

I am thankful I got see him perform live, and Allman will certainly be missed.

Maybe he can find sweet Melissa.

Rickey Medlocke of Lynyrd Skynyrd (and Blackfoot) Remembers Gregg Allman's 'Unmistakable Voice'

Remembering Or Military Heroes

On this day, Memorial Day, we honor those who did Heroes of our beloved nation.

"Their Lives they held their country's trust; They kept its faith; They died its heroes."

A great video essay from Senator Ben Sassee (R:NE) on Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, which honors those who perished fighting for our freedom.


Freedom is never free.

On this and every Memorial Day, we take time to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and their families whose dreams were never fulfilled.

May God Bless each and everyone of you. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Attention Required

The Washington Post is out this evening with a story that has the mainstream media, and Democrats in collusion, on fire.

Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador--Washington Post

Among the most concerned is Patrick Leahy, who is commonly referred to as Leak Leahy, as he once divulged classified information himself. And then he did it again!

So, from the completely discredited and partisan Washington Post, tonight breaks a fabricated story with "anonymous sources" burning up the news media in an effort to discredit President Trump.

For those who don't read newspapers written by Winston Smith, it would be beneficial for us to revisit and fully comprehend some FACTS:

1. Hillary Clinton and her Clinton Foundation orchestrated a deal for profit to sell uranium to Russia, jeopardizing our national security. She should be in jail.

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal 

2. Former president Barack Obama, who without congressional approval assisted the Iranians in breaking international laws escalating their ambitions of nuclear weapons, aiding and abetting a sworn enemy of this nation in what could only be classified as an act of Treason.

Obama’s hidden Iran deal giveaway

The ruling class elite, working in unison with the mainstream media, who direct the narrative for the democrats, and even some in the GOP intoxicated with power, will employ Saul Alinsky's tactic of achieving goals by "any means necessary."

The goal is to render President Trump ineffective, limiting him in his quest to wrestle power away from this collection of elites and return it the people.

Sadly, we are not too far removed from two other presidents who attempted this act of merit, both of which took a bullet, one fatally.

We are not playing canasta out here folks. Those who champion government control over the people are playing for keeps.

You are in perhaps a lethal fight to keep the liberty and freedom you were given from God as a citizen of this divinely inspired nation.

Your undivided attention is required.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Aiding The Enemy

Sure, this is another classic editorial cartoon from AF Branco, which is spot on.

But much more importantly, it is the truth.

While everyone is rightfully concerned about the actions of Kim Joung Un and North Korea, there is another major geopolitical issue lurking out there.

Iran; the head of the snake.

Thanks to the ridiculous Iran deal Obama orchestrated and implemented, Iran is closer than ever to gaining nuclear weapons status.

Most would consider as TREASON a high ranking government official knowingly and deceptively aiding and abetting a known enemy to the government they represent.

Obama's actions in orchestrating and facilitating the deal with Iran, who pledges to destroy America on a daily basis, are without question treasonous.

Learn more from Mark Levin, who discusses a bombshell article in, of all places, Politico, where, "In “Obama’s hidden Iran deal giveaway,” Josh Meyer reports that when President Obama released Iranian-born prisoners to secure Iranian support for his administration’s infamous nuclear deal, he portrayed the released prisoners as simple “civilians.” “In reality,” Meyer writes, “some of them were accused by Obama’s own Justice Department of posing threats to national security.

Obama’s hidden Iran deal giveaway 

For our nation to survive as founded, we must remain a nation of laws rather than a nation of men. That would include identifying and holding accountable those individuals who assist those aiming ill will toward the United States of America.

In my opinion, this deceitful and dangerous deal with Iran would fall into that category.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sea Sick

As art is appearing to imitate life, this outstanding piece engages in compare and contrast examination of Huxley's "Brave New World" and Orwell's "1984," a fascinating topic we relish investigation of.

The brilliance of both cannot be overstated; however, we have ever so slightly sided with Huxley in being most accurate, simply based on his contention the citizenry would be intoxicated on a sea of irrelevance.

More people appear to know the daily schedule of the Kardashians than the name of their Congressman; a painful truth to absorb.

Prisons of Pleasure or Pain: Huxley’s “Brave New World” vs. Orwell’s “1984”

Long Knives

Monday, April 17, 2017

Wheel In The Sky

The 'Wheel in the Sky" keeps on turning!

Donald Trump, and more so Steve Bannon, are influenced by a generational theory book titled "The Fourth Turning," which considers world events unfold cyclically, rather than linearly.

We agree.

As (co-author Neil) Howe said in an interview with The Times: “There has to be a period in which we tear down everything that is no longer functional. And if we don’t do that, it’s hard to ever renew anything. Forests need fires, and rivers need floods. These happen for a reason.”

It is necessary.

We highly recommend you read this piece, and engage the book.

As Steve Perry and Journey so stated, "Winter is here again oh Lord."

America will need strong leadership during this period, which will propel prosperity as spring is welcomed in the aftermath.

That leader, the Gray Champion, appears to be Donald Trump.

Bannon’s Worldview: Dissecting the Message of ‘The Fourth Turning’ by JEREMY W. PETERS of NYT


Thursday, March 30, 2017

GM Death Star

The very first Holden made Pontiac G8 GXP will be auctioned off next weekend at the Barrett-Jackson event in Palm Beach.

Burt Reynolds, who is perhaps most well known as "The Bandit" running his black Pontiac Trans-Am leading a run to get beer in the outstanding cult movie "Smokey and The Bandit," will be in attendance.

Unfortunately, the final bid for this Pontiac G8 GXP will be outside the parameters of my disposable income.

First Production Pontiac G8 To Be Auctioned Off At Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach

GM appears in effort to destroy itself.

It began with the company listening to idiotic Obama staffers who thought it best to jettison the Pontiac Motor Division in a restructuring in the aftermath of the 2008 financial collapse.

GM kept Buick instead, and sales have been much less than hoped.

The Pontiac G8 gained high acclaim from the industry. This Holden based V8 RWD four door performance sedan represented the muscle car Pontiac's of the past.  The GXP model turned out 415 HP.

With Buick not offering a V8 sedan, GM made a good decision and essentially modernized the Pontiac G8, re-badging the Pontiac G8 as the Chevrolet SS in 2013.  Both cars are essentially Holden Commodores, both rear wheel drive V8's turning 415HP.

Chevrolet is the only GM product run on the NASCAR circuit, an the car is the Chevrolet SS.

The Chevy SS, the only direct lineage to Pontiac remaining, produced essentially 3000 cars annually for America from 2013-2017.

In yet another boneheaded decision, GM and Holden ended production of the Chevy SS.  2017 is the final year you can buy one new, and if you hope to do so, you had better hurry up. The non-advertised car is already a collectors item.

Like the Pontiac G8, the Chevy SS is a phenomenal vehicle, with those who care offering countless acclaim.
Motor Trend called the SS the "benchmark sports sedan."

Sadly, an affordable four sedan with V8 power will no longer be available from General Motors. The only V8 options will be the expensive Cadillac, the Camaro and the Corvette.

Meanwhile, an oversupply of unsold Buick vehicles sit in inventory.

Order A Screwdriver

There are very few tools in the toolbox to deal with this sort of fiscal catastrophe.

As Zero Hedge notes, "As the past 8 years have shown, only debt cures more debt, so expect nothing to change."

Zero Hedge also provides evidence the CBO is yet another agency with a leftist political agenda, as the ponder: Also, we find it just a little confusing why the CBO never warned of an imminent "fiscal crisis" over the past 8 years when total US debt doubled, increasing by $10 trillion under the previous administration.

CBO Warns Of Fiscal Catastrophe As A Result Of Exponential Debt Growth In The U.S

There may be one tool in the toolbox other than increasing the debt!

Maybe the bartender can bring us a screwdriver?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Time to Exit!

The Road To Serfdom is among the top must reads for anyone.

As Dr. Thomas Sowell accurately notes in a review of F. A. Hayek's masterpiece, "The rule of law, on which freedom itself ultimately depends, is inherently incompatible with socialism. People who are free to do as they wish will not do as the economic planners wish. Differences in values and priories are enough to ensure that. These differences must be ironed out by propaganda or power, if socialism is to be socialism. Indoctrination must be part of the program, not because socialist want to be brainwashers, but because socialism requires brainwashing."

Without the rule of law, you no longer have a nation of virtue wtih freedom and liberty for all.

Unfortunately, the assessment Dr. Sowell arrived upon in review of Hayek's brilliance, is actually happening.

Rather than "cheering for your team" no matter the policy put forth, it seems our citizenry should acquaint themselves with the ability to engage in critical thinking. Presently, powerful ruling class elite and progressive politicians, with the cooperation of their partners in the mainstream media, are pushing their agenda, littered with propaganda and fake news, on the citizenry.

It is, as progressive Stuart Chase wrote in 1942, "The Road We Are Traveling."

The "real" stories, which discredit the propaganda pushed by the central planners, is labeled Fake News.

Fake News is a new weapon designed by the central planners to confuse the citizenry, who has made recent strides on deciphering truth from deception.

But until America firmly wakes up and wins this battle, and make no mistake it is just that, that road is "The Road To Serfdom."

Time to Exit!