Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Support For Sarah

The unruly and undisciplined behavior of the left should disgust any individual who believes in freedom and dignity.

However, as evidenced by the debacle associated with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders last week, when her party was directed to leave a public restaurant (and then chased down and heckled by the owner when her party landed at an establishment across the street).

While civilized people can have political and social disagreement, open to debate on the battlefield of ideas, the petulant left relies on bullying, verbal and physical abuse and downright violent action. If you recall the Charlottesville episode, the left even orchestrates interaction hoping to instigate an altercation, where people actually get killed.

By any means necessary, as directed by their mentor Saul Alinsky.

Civilized people are respectful of other peoples beliefs, and seek area of agreement while looking for teachable moments where ideas they support can be adequately advocated. Did you parents ever present the idea to you of "leading by example"?

No parent would be proud of the actions of the mob protesters who are not interested in civility, only advancing their agenda.

Ever notice how they never seem to have to ask off from work to join in these protests? I cannot just get off work from my job at a moments notice to go to an orchestrated rally during work days.

Can you?

The environment is being stoked, by mental midget politicians (Maxine Waters, D:CA) and a complicit media. Somebody is fixin to get hurt, and it is well worth noting the independent voters are watching.

We in fact stand strong behind Sarah Sanders, Pam Bondi, Kirstjen Neilsen, Stephen Miller and anyone else, to enjoy the freedoms this country has to offer without being bullied. When the time arises for public debate, we will be there, ready to present a factual, responsible and passionate position on the issues.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Border PSA

For Immediate Release:

Brilliantly Opined

Charles Krauthammer was a brilliant thinker, who was always principled in his work, allowing him to carry unchallenged integrity.

This was a remarkable man, whose spirit and kindness presents an arena of inspiration for us all.

Chris Wallace of FOX News was spot on in describing Krauthammer: "Most of us are lucky if we think in phrases. A few of us are good enough to think in sentences. Charles thought in paragraphs or even in pages."

Added Fox Business' Dagen McDowell said "Words fail to capture a man who was so brilliant with them."

We will certainly miss Krauthammer, with his intellect and wit, opining on the issues of the day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Hall of BAHL

Sports is and always has played a significant role in my life. I have found that most all of life's lessons are learned between the lines. Discipline, individual responsibility, teamwork and sportsmanship are among many opportunities presented within the games that offer guidance to prosper in life.

Over the years, there have been many individuals associated with sports that I have looked up to, been a fan of, owned a jersey of or just pulled for. These are my guys, and although it has not always been a road without bumps for many, these are my guys. In an effort to recognize these folks, I have formed The Hall of BAHL.

Individuals making this list may or may not be the greatest ever players, coaches or ambassadors, but they are my favorites. Each year, I will induct five members into The Hall of BAHL. In honor of my good buddy and sportsman Big Ole BudFeiser, who we lost in 2011 and who I grew up playing sports with. Each class will annually be announced on his birthday, June 13.

The inductees for the 2018 Hall of BAHL class are listed in no particular order below:


An elite athlete out of Wood River, Nebraska, it was assumed that highly touted signal caller Scott Frost would, like many in the home state that worships it's state University football program, sign to play football at The University of Nebraska.

Frost signed with Stanford to play safety for brilliant coach Bill Walsh. You see, Frost has a plan for reaching success, doing it his way.

Nebraska coach Tom Osborne had kept in touch with Frost (Osborne knew his parents, both former athletes at Nebraska) and after two season, Frost returned home to play, quarterback, for the Cornhuskers.

Frost was not exactly welcomed back the team members, but he won them over with a work ethic and commitment to teamwork. Eventually, Frost won the starting job, but quickly came under extreme criticism after a shutout loss at Arizona State. Frost had a plan.

Under the direction of Frost at signal caller, Nebraska would win the National Championship with an undefeated season culminating with an Orange Bowl Victory over Tennessee. As it turned out, this would be the last game Tom Osborne would coach at Nebraska.  I was thankful to be there to witness it all.

Frost spent some time in the NFL playing safety, even playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After his playing days ended (he looks like he could play today), Frost entered the coaching ranks; a sponge under some of the most brilliant minds in coaching.

Frost was having great success under Chip Kelly at Oregon, eventually moving to offensive coordinator after Kelly moved on. From that spot, athletic director Danny White hired as head coach at UCF, who had just suffered through a winless campaign. The Knights were 6-6 in year one, but incredibly went undefeated in year two, dumping Auburn in the Peach Bowl and laying claim (why not?) to the National Title.

Meanwhile, the beloved Cornhuskers had hit rock bottom, going 4-8 with battering losses along the way.
Frost was loved by all in Orlando with the Knights, and while it had great appeal to continue what he had started there, the Big Red came calling and Frost did exactly what we all hoped; he came home.

In the summer before the 2018 season, Frost invited Tom Osborne down to speak to his football team at UCF, which included a speaking gathering I attended.  I had an opportunity to meet Frost, and in speaking with him immediately got the sense that he possessed the "it" factor.  Nice, measured and intelligent, it was apparent then and was when Husker AD Bill Moos inquired, that without question Frost checks very box.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, in Husker Nation is over the moon Frost is heading the Big Red, hoping he can recapture the success and pride that had always surrounded the Nebraska football program. One man is not the answer, but Frost will, and has, surrounded himself with a team that operates from the same page.

I have always cheered Scott Frost, and appreciated his ascension to achieving the goals he set for himself.
Now directing Nebraska, I have no doubt he will utilize the tools and skill that have helped him throughout his career to restore the order of Nebraska football, which will make all of us in Husker Nation, and his mentor in Coach Osborne, quite proud of our native Son.

The HALL of BAHL welcomes Scott Frost to the 2018 class!  #GBR


Dale Eanrhardt Jr. could have taken a different path, most certainly in the horrific aftermath of his father Dale Earnhardt's fatal crash in turn 4 at Daytona International Speedway in February of 2001.

Junior had always been at his fathers side, and by the time of the death of Dale Sr., Junior was already making a name for himself on, and perhaps much more importantly, off the track.

The NASCAR faithful were going to like and admire Junior anyway, but the love and affection for his dad swamped him. While this was positive, it also came with a tremendous amount of pressure. With the help of many, but more on his own back, Junior handled it all like the champion he is.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has married, and has now retired and become a father himself with his lovely wife Amy. Dale Jr. won a lot of races, many significant ones at Daytona, but he never won a NASCAR championship. But don't get it twisted, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a champion, on the track and in life.

While Dale Earnhardt Jr. was never my "favorite" driver, he was always someone I pulled for when the cut the good ole boys loose. Junior, like his father, always piloted a Chevrolet, retiring in the #88 Nationwide Chevrolet SS, which as the owner of an SS just shifts my gears!

We won't lose track of Junior in retirement, as he has inked a deal with NBC Sports to analyze races for their portion of the race coverage.  We will appreciate hearing Junior's thoughts on what is going on out there on track where our heroes race for the checkered flag.

Dale Earnhardt Jr could have been a jerk, a legacy guy who banked on his fathers success. Dale Jr., certainly in part to his upbringing, chose a different path, one that included competitiveness with kindness, the drive to win with knowing how to employ sportsmanship in losing, and more importantly, helping others.

This is the exact kind of individual who should line the halls of Halls of Fame. And in 2018, we will welcome Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to do exactly that in the Hall of BAHL!


The Scoring Explosion! These were exciting times, the early eighties, for Nebraska football.

An offense which unleashed a barrage of points on opponents, ignited by an explosive rushing attack led by option wizard quarterback Turner Gill. During his career at Nebraska, Gill was 28-2.  Under his direction, the 'Huskers played for the National Title in The Orange Bowl twice, losing to Clemson 22-15 in 1981 and 31-30 to Miami in 1983. Gill turned an ankle against Clemson, which, according to coach Tom Osborne, really hurt Nebraska offensive with Gill out. An undefeated Nebraska team fell at Miami, with a two point conversion pass from Gill batted down.

I was in attendance for both of these contests, and while the outcomes were not what we had hoped for, we always stood in good company with Turner Gill.

With his eligibility expired, having suffered from concussions and not the prototype NFL signal caller, Gill, who was also a fantastic baseball player, went on to play minor league ball with the Cleveland Indians.

But Gill returned to Nebraska to become a coach under Coach Osborne, and remained on staff from 1992-2004. Gill then became coach of The University of Buffalo, having great success, which propelled him to getting the job at Kansas. That did not go well, and Gill was let go. Landing on his feet, Gill became head coach at Liberty University, where he continues today.

Given Gill's strong commitment to his Christian faith, Liberty is a fantastic place for him to influence young men, both on and off the field.

Turner Gill was a special player, and watching him run the Nebraska offense was a sight to behold. But Gill is a better man, and he has been easy to cheer for throughout his life.

Gill is a 'Husker, and he will always be remembered with great fondness by the Cornhusker faithful. We are honored to induct form Nebraska standout quarterback Turner Gill to the Hall of BAHL.


I recall while I was at Florida State, a young mild mannered new recruit arrived from Bartow. Indeed, the arrival of Odell Haggins on campus would change Florida State University forever! 

Starring on the defensive front, seemingly often at the nose tackle spot, Odell Haggins earned All America honors for the Seminoles. After being drafted by the San Francisco 49ers, Haggins returned to join the Seminoles coaching staff after his brief handful of seasons in the NFL.

Haggins worked his way up on the coaching staff, eventually handling the defensive line, a unit that produced many All Americans and NFL draft picks under his tutelage. Players who have been coached by Odell have the utmost respect for him.

After Bobby Bowden retired, new coach Jimbo Fisher retained Haggins, where Haggins defensive unit continued to thrive. As Fisher unceremoniously departed FSU, Haggins got an opportunity to coach Florida State as head coach on an interim basis, which turned out to be the final 2017 postponed home game against Louisiana Monroe and the Seminoles Independence Bowl game versus Southern Mississippi, both wins.

This was very fitting, because few individuals rival the love for our university Odell Haggins has. Haggins is a Seminole, true and true. He bleeds Garnet and Gold. An the Seminole faithful love him!

Seminole fans were thrilled to learn that new coach Willie Taggart, who grew up a Seminoles fan, recognized the coaching prowess of one of our favorite Seminoles and retained Haggins as defensive line coach, helping a link to legendary coach Bobby Bowden remain.

Odell Haggins, rolling in all those years ago from ole Bartow, remains one of the most beloved Seminoles, and a gentleman we are honored to place in the 2018 Hall of BAHL class.


I first became a fan of Michael Waltrip, younger brother of NASCAR Champion Darrell, when he emerged on the scene driving the Pennzoil Pontiac Grand Prix.  Anyone in a Pontiac had my support.

For many years, Michael had a rough go of it, and held the record for most career starts without a win before winning his first, a Daytona 500 on February 16, 2001, the day his great friend and mentor Dale Earnhardt Jr. lost his life. I was there, and while we were thrilled for Michael, our joy was short lived. Micheal even penned a book describing the days events, called "In the Blink of an Eye: Dale, Daytona, and the Day that Changed Everything."

Michael Waltrip is a two time Daytona 500 champion, but all along the way, even having struggles before finding success and then failure again as owner of his own race team, Micheal has been a great friend to everyone in the NASCAR community, extending well beyond the drivers to the fans.

Michael is an inventor as well. At 6'5, Waltrip, not foreign to high speed crashes, designed a roof hatch for easy exit for a driver of his size. It was more comical than practical, at least I think. Waltrip likes to clown around.

Now retired, Waltrip, is a fixture on the FOX Sports NASCAR broadcast team, well know for talking to drivers along pit road before the race, a very popular segment on the FOX race coverage. Waltrip is always quick to help in philanthropic efforts, and remains committed to frequent interactions with the fans through social media.

My family had the opportunity to meet and visit with Michael Waltrip, along with Brian Vickers, at a corporate event prior to a Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway.  It was quite a hoot.

Since then, I run into to Michael from time to time, having visited with him at the High Banks and even out on the golf course. Recently, at the Diamond Resorts Celebrity Golf Tournament, Michael told me he liked golf more than driving, as he had "never caught fire playing golf." Waltrip, who plays often plays pickup hoops, does not golf particularly well, down at the level of Larry The Cable Guy, but he has a great time.

"Mikie" is a very cool guy, great fun to be around; a championship driver who we are excited to induct into the Hall of BAHL.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday, May 28, 2018

Forever Indebted

"Their Lives they held their country's trust; They kept its faith; They died its heroes."

Something Doing

Something is indeed doing in Tallahassee.

It has to do with the arrival of Willie Taggart as the new head football coach at Florida State University.

Taggart came to Florida State after a year at Oregon, after having left a successful rebuild at South Florida in Tampa. Oregon would have been a wonderful spot for Taggart to settle in at, but in the aftermath of the unusual departure of Jimbo Fisher, Florida State came calling, offering Taggart an opportunity to come back to Florida and lead the team he grew up cheering for; The Florida State Seminoles.

Taggart, a native of the Sunshine States Gulf Coast, jumped at the chance.

Fisher's departure from FSU ruffled a lot of feathers, and his legacy will no doubt be tarnished.

In the later years of the tenure of Bobby Bowden, Fisher added to his offensive coordinator spot the position of head coach in waiting, set to take over the program when Bowden hung it up. Coach Bowden was seemingly pushed out earlier than he had hoped; however, it was obvious that due to age of the staff, or whatever, expectations were no longer being met and it was time to bring Fisher on.

Make no mistake.  Bobby Bowden was among the finest football coaches the game of football has seen, at any level. Florida State University rose to prominence, not only in athletics, but as a University, primarily due to him. As good as a coach he was, Bowden is even a better man,and continues to be Florida State's top ambassador.

Immediately, Florida State had superior success on the field and in recruiting once Fisher took over, with in interjection of youth and enthusiasm. Fisher directed FSU to winning it's third National Championship, in 2013,and the Seminoles sat among the nations elite.

While fans celebrated with appreciation, there was some worrisome aspects, as Fisher's name always turned up in post season coaching searches, most with some fire behind the smoke.

An unfortunate personal situation arose for Fisher, as he went through a devastating divorce, not considered to be of his doing per public reports.  Never the less, this took a significant toll on Fisher no doubt.

So if Fisher wanted to make a change, while the Seminoles would hate to lose him, it was certainly understandable and we could all part ways wishing each other the best.

But the season fell apart after FSU not only lost to Alabama in the opener, but also lost starting quarterback Deondre Francois. Loses piled up, and finger pointing increased, with players openly questioning the leadership. As the season concluded with a bowl game in question, the Seminoles did rise up for an easy and satisfying win at Florida, but Fisher snaked around, appearing to know he would eventually be off to Texas A&M. Recruiting appeared to stop, and damage was being done.

Fisher did agree to bolt to A&M, but wanted to finish it our with FSU. Not a chance. He was essentially forced to resign, thankfully. Fisher could have departed in a much more amicable fashion, but did not take that route, and as such, his Seminole legacy will take a beating; appropriately so in our view.

Enter Taggart. Taggart, a life long FSU fan, wants to be in Tallahassee as head coach of Seminoles. Since his arrival, he has done all the right things, inclusive of openly embracing the former players and considering them part of the program he is implementing moving forward. Hooray!

All across the campus, folks have appreciated Taggart's approach. Throughout the state the Seminole faithful has jumped on the Taggart train with enthusiasm. Players on the team are embracing the new environment, and the recruiting trail has heated back up again, in a big way.

It seems unusual to think of FSU without Fisher, but given the events as they unfolded, it appears this change is for the better.  An in the aftermath of losing Fisher, it was apparent to us Willie Taggart would be the best option FSU take in hiring a new football coach. Since his hiring, Taggart has been very impressive in every move and gesture.

Taggart closes his tweet out with #DoSomething. Something doing is going on at FSU. Taggart feels right at home leading the Seminoles, all is good, and we cannot wait to kick the season off with Taggart and his Gulf Coast offense!