Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25.

1.     Alabama, 7-0, 1
2.     Georgia, 7-0, 4
3.     Penn State, 7-0, 5
4.     Texas Christian, 6-0, 8
5.     Wisconsin, 6-0, 7
6.     Clemson, 6-1, 2
7.     Miami, 5-0, 9
8.     Ohio State, 6-1, 12
9.     Oklahoma, 5-1, 11
10.   Washington, 6-1, 3
11.   Southern Cal, 6-1, 14
12.   Oklahoma State, 5-1, 15
13.   North Carolina State, 6-1, 17
14.   Virginia Tech, 5-1, 13
15.   Notre Dame, 5-1, 16
16.   Michigan State, 5-1, 18
17.   UCF, 5-0, 20
18.   South Florida, 5-0, 19
19.   Stanford, 5-2, 23
20.   Auburn, 5-2, 6
21.   Michigan, 5-1, 21
22.   Washington State, 6-1, 10
23.   West Virginia, 4-2, NR
24.   South Carolina, 5-2, NR
25.   Texas A&M, 5-2, NR

OUT: San Diego State (22), Louisville (24) and Georgia Tech (25).

VOTES: Louisiana State, Utah, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Florida, Kentucky, Iowa, Texas, Purdue, San Diego State, Virginia, Mississippi State, Texas Tech, Memphis, California and Wake Forest.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Good On You Gainesville

Tom Petty tribute at Florida Field

Gator Nation Salutes Rocker Tom Petty

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The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.     Alabama, 6-0, 1
2.     Clemson, 6-0, 2
3.     Washington, 6-0, 3
4.     Georgia, 6-0, 5
5.     Penn State, 6-0, 4
6.     Auburn, 5-1, 7
7.     Wisconsin, 5-0, 13
8.     Texas Christian, 5-0, 9
9.     Miami, 4-0, 11
10.   Washington State, 6-0, 12
11.   Oklahoma, 4-1, 6
12.   Ohio State, 5-1, 10
13.   Virginia Tech, 5-1, 14
14.    Southern Cal, 5-1, 15
15.    Oklahoma State, 4-1, 17
16.    Notre Dame, 5-1, 18
17.    North Carolina State, 5-1, 23
18.    Michigan State, 4-1, NR
19.    South Florida, 4-0, 19
20.    UCF, 4-0, 24
21.    Michigan, 4-1, 8
22.    San Diego State, 6-0, 21
23.    Stanford, 4-2, NR
24.    Louisville, 4-2, 16
25.    Georgia Tech, 4-1, NR

OUT: Florida (20) Utah (21) and Florida State (25)

VOTES: West Virginia, Florida State, Navy, Texas A&M, Purdue, Texas Tech, Florida, Texas,  Iowa, South Carolina, Troy, LSU and Wake Forest.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

We Got Lucky To Have Tom Petty

Man, it has been a really sad year with respect to titans of the music world.

In recent months, we have lost David Bowie, Prince, Glenn Frey, Glen Campbell and now Florida's own Tom Petty.

It was this weekend, with the nation reeling from the evil terrorist act in Las Vegas, we learned of the passing of Petty.  Given the news, his loss was not given proper credence.

The entire story of the rise of Tom Petty is astounding.  The music he gave us was wide ranging, soulful and uplifting.  Most of the tunes he wrote and remade were sing along songs, which helped solidify the close relationship he had with his legions of fans.

Of those mentioned above who we have lost, I had occasion to see my favorites among them, Campbell, Frey and Petty, live.

The body of work of Tom Petty is lengthy, but my three favorite TP & The Heartbreakers tunes are as Petty often put it; MACH 1 Heartbreakers. Here they are:

1.  She's A Woman in Love (It's Not Me)
2.  You Got Lucky

3.  American Girl


Pure Evil


Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.       Alabama, 5-0, 1
2.       Clemson, 5-0, 2
3.       Washington, 5-0, 3
4.       Penn State, 5-0, 4
5.       Georgia, 5-0, 7
6.       Oklahoma, 4-0, 6
7.      Auburn, 4-1, 8
8.      Michigan, 4-0, 8
9.      Texas Christian, 4-0, 9
10.    Ohio State, 4-1, 11
11.    Miami, 3-0, 14
12.    Washington State, 5-0, 16
13.    Wisconsin, 4-0, 13
14.    Virginia Tech, 4-1, 12
15.    Southern California, 4-1, 5
16.    Louisville, 4-1, 15
17.    Oklahoma State, 4-1, 17
18.    Notre Dame, 4-1, 18
19.    South Florida, 5-0, 19
20.    Florida, 3-1, 20
21.    Utah, 4-0, 20
22.    San Diego State, 5-0, 22
23.    North Carolina State, 4-1, 24
24.    UCF, 3-0, NR
25.    Florida State, 1-2, 25

OUT: Mississippi State (23)

VOTES: West Virginia, Stanford, Oregon, Kansas State, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, Purdue and Maryland.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.      Alabama, 4-0, 1
2.      Clemson, 4-0, 2
3.      Washington, 4-0, 3
4.      Penn State, 4-0, 5
5.      Southern Cal, 4-0, 7
6.      Oklahoma, 4-0, 4
7.      Georgia, 4-0, 13
8.      Auburn, 3-1, 9
9.      Michigan, 4-0, 10
10.    Texas Christian, 4-0, 18
11.    Ohio State, 3-1, 11
12.    Virginia Tech, 4-0, 16
13.    Wisconsin, 4-0, 14
14.    Miami, 2-0, 12
15.    Louisville, 3-1, 19
16.    Washington State, 4-0, 21
17.    Oklahoma State, 3-1, 6
18.    Notre Dame, 3-1, 23
19.    South Florida, 4-0, 24
20.    Florida, 3-1, 20
21.    Utah, 4-0, NR
22.    San Diego State,  4-0, 22
23.    Mississippi State, 3-1, 16
24.    North Carolina State, 3-1, NR
25.    Florida State, 0-2, 8

OUT: Oregon (17) and Maryland (25).


Iowa, Central Florida, Duke, West Virginia, Louisiana State, Texas Tech, Memphis, Stanford, Purdue, Texas, Georgia Tech, Oregon, Tennessee and Colorado.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Keys Wrecked But Spirit Lives on to Rebuild

It will be a long road ahead for our friends and neighbors in the beautiful Florida Keys! Among the spots severely damaged was one of my favorites; the Tiki Bar at Holiday Isle.

The Sun Sentinel took a look at many of the famous destinations in the Florida Keys and how they survived, if they did, Hurricane Irma.

Before and after Hurricane Irma: What happened to our favorite Florida Keys landmarks?

The Florida Keys lay in wreckage, but the spirit found among those who call the treasure home will power the resolve to rebuild bigger and better than ever!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.      Alabama, 3-0, 1
2.      Clemson, 3-0, 4
3.      Washington, 3-0, 2
4.      Oklahoma, 3-0, 5
5.      Penn State, 3-0, 6
6.      Oklahoma State, 3-0, 7
7.      Southern California, 3-0, 3
8.      Florida State, 0-1, 9
9.      Auburn, 2-1, 10
10.    Michigan, 3-0, 11
11.    Ohio State, 2-1, 12
12.    Miami, 1-0, 13
13.    Georgia, 3-0, 14
14.    Wisconsin, 3-0, 15
15.    Virginia Tech, 3-0, 16
16.    Mississippi State, 3-0, NR
17.    Oregon, 3-0, 20
18.    Texas Christian, 3-0, 21
19.    Louisville, 2-1, 17
20.    Florida, 1-1, NR
21.    Washington State, 3-0, 22
22.    San Diego State, 3-0, NR
23.    Notre Dame, 2-1, 23
24.    South Florida, 3-0, 24
25.    Maryland, 3-0, NR

OUT: Louisiana State (8), Kansas State (18), Stanford (19) and Tennessee (25)

VOTES: Louisiana State, Colorado, Texas, Memphis, Utah, West Virginia, Iowa, Kentucky, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Kansas State, Wake Forest, California, North Carolina State, Purdue, Tennessee, Georgia Tech and Boise State.

Beyond the debacle in Lincoln, Nebraska, the heat has been turned on immediately in Baton Rouge as the Tigers went to StarkVegas, looked listless and got clocked by Mississippi State 37-7. Wow!

No Excuses At Nebraska


A stunning, intolerable and inexcusable step backward took place at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, as Nebraska fell to Northern Illinois 21-17.

We can discuss thoroughly the reasons why and how this could have happened, but the end result of this mind boggling loss is that folks in charge of various aspects of the program need to be fired. Period.

We have been a longtime fan of Mike Riley. It appears that strides were being made, and Riley has to get kudos for making changes to his staff (each seemingly a strong upgrade) every year he has been at Nebraska.  More changes are needed.

A central reason for the debacle on Saturday was the inability of Nebraska to line up and run the football. With much of the line returning, there is no pop, no toughness and no firing off the ball. Nebraska ran for approximately 3 yards per carry, which is unacceptable for any team, much less at Nebraska. Coach Mike Cavanaugh can no longer be given the benefit of the doubt and must be terminated, which should happen today as time is out. The lineman on the field do not appear to be be being held accountable. If they are not getting it done, lets find someone who can. I wondered if the toughness I hear about in Boe Wilson might have been an option on Saturday, if for nothing else but to send a message. Given the line cannot run block, you might think they could protect the passer, but they are woeful at that as well as Tanner Lee has been under extreme duress.

Tanner Lee
Photo/Lincoln Journal Star
Under heat, Lee has not performed well. On Saturday, he tossed two pick sixes to UNI, difficult for any team to overcome.  Much of the fan base loved Tommy Armstrong at signal caller, but cringed as he had a pension for throwing to the other team. At least, for the most part, he balanced it with outstanding plays. Very few of those happening now.

When Lee does fire it in there, the much ballyhooed receiving core continues to drop balls.  An interception at Oregon, another pick six, bounced off the face mask of Stanley Morgan.  Everyone out there has had critical drops, which extends it to a mental issues which fall at the hands of the staff.

The play calling is also quite suspect. I have never bought into Danny Langsdorf at offensive coordinator, and have not seen the high level aptitude many around the program have voiced. When is the last time the Big Red got up on someone pulling away and hanging half a hundred?  There is not sense of offensive urgency, and the lack of attack arsenal places the team in situations they have no business being involved in. The famous game at Illinois a few years back remains the classic example. Hard to dump Langsdorf right now, but maybe Riley can call plays?

And Langsdorf appears to have some doghouse, perhaps considered an accessory unit. I think running back Devine Ozigbo is on house arrest in there. Ozigbo is a fiery competitor, but he watches; while we get beat.

The defense is showing signs, but when they needed a stop yesterday, they could not get one.  DC Bob Diaco spoke of his 3-4 as reactionary, as reported yesterday by Howard Griffith of BTN, not attacking. That mindset is a mistake, but Diaco did attack some late in the game.

Recruiting seems to be going well, much superior to recent years back. But when these guys get on the field, nobody is stepping up to showcase their talents. Where was the fire in someone yesterday. Did you see an offensive lineman offended that his quarterback was planted six inches deep in the turf? Hell, I was offended at my bar stool. Who on the receiving core appeared torques at the passes hitting the turf? Catch the damn ball! One wonders if the troubling result yesterday will negatively impacting a decent recruiting class that is, or was, shaping up. Nebraska certainly needs the help.

I remember hearing Bill Callahan being interviewed on the Husker Radio Network after Nebraska escaped Ball State a decade or so ago. Callahan was thrilled at the statistical prowess of his passing attack on the day, seemingly unaware that 30 years of Nebraska history almost melted away in the sun with another Nate Davis pass under his watch.

Callahan did not care. Does Riley? Does anybody out there on the gridiron? Don't they feel a responsibility to the fans, the higher standards set by the former players, or themselves?

Does AD Shawn Eichorst care? His tenure has been dismal. All programs are not where they need to be, with many appearing to be slipping. Eichorst is tied to Riley, so it seems Riley cannot stay if Eichorst is removed. But, Eichorst needs to be removed, and if that means Riley has to go as well, so be it.

I like Mike Riley, and have supported his hire. However, what happened Saturday is entirely unacceptable. Firing Riley could really negatively affect recruiting, but there are no more exits for him after Saturday. I hope he recognizes the crossroad the Nebraska football program stands at.

At an event for UCF in Orlando a couple weeks back where Tom Osborne spoke, I spoke with Scott Frost, a very impressive individual and obviously good football coach. Maybe somebody else should speak with him. Perhaps a new athletic director named Trev Alberts.

Blowin In The Wind

Although this truth stares us, even those who remain without power, the media continues to pound us with agenda driven propaganda.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.      Alabama, 2-0, 1
2.      Washington, 2-0, 2
3.      Southern California, 2-0, 4
4.      Clemson, 2-0, 5
5.      Oklahoma, 2-0, 9
6.      Penn State, 2-0, 6
7.      Oklahoma State, 2-0, 7
8.      Louisiana State, 2-0, 10
9.      Florida State, 0-1, 11
10.    Auburn, 1-1, 8
11.    Michigan, 2-0, 15
12.    Ohio State, 1-1, 3
13.    Miami, 1-0, 13
14.    Georgia, 2-0, 16
15.    Wisconsin, 2-0, 14
16.    Virginia Tech, 2-0, 18
17.    Louisville, 2-0, 19
18.    Kansas State, 2-0, 20
19.    Stanford, 1-1, 12
20.    Oregon, 2-0, 21
21.    Texas Christian, 2-0, 22
22.    Washington State, 2-0, 23
23.    Notre Dame, 1-1, 17
24.    South Florida, 2-0, 24
25.    Tennessee, 2-0, NR

OUT: Nebraska (24)

VOTES: UCLA, Florida, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, West Virginia, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Iowa, Maryland, Boise State, Texas A&M and North Carolina State.

Sidelined By Irma

We have been sidelined without power since Hurricane Irma blew through Central Florida.

We had limited damage, thankfully, only without power for four days.

Some of our neighbors here in Central Florida were not so lucky.

In other parts of the Sunshine State, the damage has been far worse than what we ran up against here in the home of Mickey.

Pretty much everyone has been impacted in some way. UCF cancelled two home football games, Miami, Florida and Florida State each one and the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost a weekend,

But with no apologies to ESPN's racist host Jamelle Hill, we use football in these parts to escape.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we have much more important things to deal with.

Please keep our Sunshine State friends and neighbors in your prayers, and don't forget about those tough Texans, still reeling from Hurricane Harvey.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.    Alabama, 1-0, 1
2.    Washington, 1-0, 3
3.    Ohio State, 1-0, 4
4.    Southern Cal, 1-0, 5
5.    Clemson, 1-0, 6
6.    Penn State, 1-0, 7
7.    Oklahoma State, 1-0, 8
8.    Auburn, 1-0, 9
9.    Oklahoma, 1-0, 10
10.  Louisiana State, 1-0, 12
11.  Florida State, 0-1, 2
12.  Stanford, 1-0, 14
13.  Miami, 1-0, 11
14.  Wisconsin, 1-0, 13
15.  Michigan, 1-0, 16
16.  Georgia, 1-0, 17
17.  Notre Dame, 1-0, 20
18.  Virginia Tech, 1-0, 23
19.  Louisville, 1-0, 19
20.  Kansas State, 1-0, 21
21.  Oregon, 1-0, 24
22.  Texas Christian, 1-0, NR
23.  Washington State, 1-0, NR
24.  South Florida, 2-0, 15
25.  Nebraska, 1-0, 22

OUT: Florida (18) and North Carolina State (25)

VOTES: Tennessee, UCLA, Florida, Colorado, Iowa, Utah, Georgia Tech,  West Virginia, Arkansas, Maryland, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Northwestern, Western Michigan, Kentucky, Boise State, Minnesota and North Carolina State.

ANALYSIS: There were two upsets of monumental magnitude. Howard, a 45 point dog at UNLV, won 43-40. UNLV, coached by local Tony Sanchez who led Bishop Gorman HS to national prominence there in Las Vegas, was defeated in large measure by the performance of Caylin Newton, the younger brother of former Auburn and current NFL star QB Cam Newton........Liberty, coached by former Nebraska quarterback Turner Gill, won at Baylor. Sure, the Bears are reeling after an scandalous beat down, but this 48-45 win by the Flames was huge. Liberty cancelled classes. Great for Gill; one of the truly good people in coaching.....Many thought NC State, with 17 returning starters, would be a dark horse team out of the ACC, but they stumbled against what appears to be a middle of the pack SEC squad in South Carolina. Maybe not! Maybe Will Muschamp has something going in Columbia..... Texas A&M, after leading at UCLA 31-3 and 44-10 late in the 3rd, had a collapse for ages as Josh Rosen led the Bruins to a 45-44 victory. Already under immense fire, a member of the Aggies Board of Regents voiced desire to fire coach Kevin Sumlin; on social media. Imagine the professionalism? The game was a classic....Wisconsin, USC, Washington and Ohio State started slow, but won big. Texas got 51 and a loss hung on them at home by upstart Maryland, who is ascending rapidly....USF has won two games in lethargic fashion, which will end up dealing them a loss if Charlie Strong does not it fixed....Michigan looked decent dumping Florida, which continues to have significant issues at the quarterback position....Iowa held Wyoming in check behind the stellar play of LB Josey Jewell, who took a step toward the Butkus Award on Saturday as we see it.... Georgia Tech ran for some 600 yards and led by two touchdowns late but somehow fell to Tennessee.
*Florida State would have been ranked 7th in our poll, but due to the loss of QB Deondre Francois, they are ranked 11th.

NEBRASKA ANALYSIS: Nebraska quarterback Tanner Lee looked as advertised, leading the 'Huskers to a victory Saturday night, one which was much too close for the liking of Big Red Nation. Up front offensively, the 'Huskers looked shaky in pass protection, but did generate some good run blocking. Tre Bryant got the start, and ran for 193. The receiving core looked strong, and as we expected, TE Tyler Hoppes had a breakout game. The new 3-4 defense was unimpressive. The line did not generate the type of pass rush desired, but Arkansas State was making quick throws. The linebackers were mixed, and it appears foot speed for some is an issue, particularly for a team like the Red Wolves that utilized the entire field. The secondary has good and bad moments, but did not give up an big plays, a significant note. It seemed Nebraska was holding back, so Oregon could not get much film. It almost cost the 'Huskers dearly. 

FLORIDA STATE ANALYSIS: Alabama, for the most part, controlled Florida State en route to a 24-7 victory. There are teams that can play with Alabama for a while, but the Crimson Tide force you into mistakes and tighten the screws hard on you when you make them. Alabama made FSU pay for a secondary mishap, nailing a 53 yard touchdown pass to Calvin Ridely. Even so, FSU had a chance to lead at halftime 14-10. The Seminoles were interfered with at the goal line on a pass attempt that was not called for some unexplained reason, forcing a field goal effort, which Alabama blocked. From there, there was a blocked punt and a fumbled kickoff return giving BAMA the ball inside the red zone. Although the defense down there was strong, Alabama eventually posted a touchdown. FSU QB Deondre Francois then tried to force some things, resulting in a pair of interceptions (Francois had never had a game with more than one interception). It was over, except for the season potentially being lost. Francois was eluding a blitz horizontally along the line of scrimmage when he was tackled from behind by Rasheed Wallace, turning his knee in the process. The tackle was clean, but Francois is now lost for the season with a torn patella. The loss of Francois is a brutal blow for the Seminoles, who will now start true freshman signal caller James Blackman of Belle Glade. While Blackman has great promise, it will be Fisher's best work ever if he can get Blackman to perform at a level allowing FSU to win the ACC Atlantic.

Stolen Money

Monday, August 28, 2017

2017 Florida State Seminoles Preview


Deondre Francois
QB/Florida State
Florida State knew what the had in the brilliant Dalvin Cook at running back in 2016, but could not have been more pleased with the play of redshirt freshman quarterback Deondre Francois. Francois threw for 3350 yards, with 20 TD's against only 9 INT's. Among his greatest attributes beyond his calmness in the pocket was his toughness, taking numerous vicious hits from "look out' blocks thrown by an under performing offensive line. Two starters return up front, but the unit should be stronger, led by G Landon Dickerson. Alec Eberle will be the center, with Cole Minshaw and Brock Ruble at the other guard. Derrick Kelly has a leg up on Josh Ball for a tackle spot while Rick Leonard comes back over from the defensive line to take the right tackle spot. Ryan Izzo, at TE, is potentially All ACC at the position.  Francois will have a talented backfield. Jacques Patrick will be at tailback, no doubt sharing time with talented freshman newcomer Cam Akers. Amir Rasul and Ryan Green are the backups. Jonathan Vickers, an outstanding and versatile player, will be at fullback.  Nyquan Murray leads a strong but thin receiving core. Murray is primed for a breakout season, which could garner All America honors. Auden Tate is a tall target with deceptive speed, a dangerous weapon in the red zone.Keith Gavin and George Campbell are backups. Davante Phillips was a guy much was expected from at the position, but he ran afoul of the law and his status remains unclear. The unit has great promise, but has some holes that could open up, mostly surrounding depth.  The running game, although decent, figures to back up without Cook, so Francois will have to pick up the load. He can do it, but there is little room for error. We look for about the same as a year ago with respect to production, netting about 35 points per game.


Tarvarus McFadden
CB/Florida State
Last season, the unit started out slowly, giving up a bunch of points to a high powered Ole Miss offense, but when Derwin James went down early in game two against a cupcake team, it was not quite noticeable how big a loss he was, not just from a talent standpoint, but much more importantly from a leadership standpoint. The Seminoles were sandblasted the following week at Louisville in as ugly a defensive display I have ever witnessed following FSU football. It took several weeks to get it corrected, and sadly it cost FSU another game with North Carolina passing their way to a high scoring win in Tallahassee. Will the unit regroup and return to dominance in 2017. Good question.Up front, the Seminoles could be stout. A pair of strong tackles in Derrick Nnadi and Demarcus Christmas are flanked by a pair to quarterback terrorizing ends in Brian Burns and Josh Sweat. All four are potential All ACC candidates if not more. Matthew Thomas returns at linebacker along with Roderick Hoskins. Thomas has missed a lot of fall camp, and without him the 'Noles will have a set back. Emmett Rice backs up Thomas. Jacob Pugh mans the SAM spot. Derwin James will anchor a very strong secondary, perhaps the nations best. Tarvarus McFadden was among the nations leaders in interceptions in 2016, earning All America honors. McFadden is back and primed for a big season. Trey Marshall, Kyle Meyers, Ermon Lane and AJ Westbrook are among the quality backups, as is Nate Andrews who is expected back after injury. Levonta Taylor, backed by Calvin Brewton, are at the opposite corner. The unit has a chance to be quite salty, with talented players are each level. Significant improvement from the uncharacteristic 25ppg given up in 2016 is expected, and will be necessary if FSU expect to return to the playoff.


Kicker Ricky Aguayo was solid in 2016 but not outstanding, even giving way on some 50+ efforts. He is not automatic, finishing 19-26. More will be expected from him. Punter Logan Tyler was again solid, but he will need to seek improvement as well, averaging just 40 yards per punt. The return game was also less than spectacular, especially  puzzling given the Seminoles array of fleet footed shill people. Tarvarus McFadden and Nyquan Murray look to handle punt returns. Several candidates are aiming to return kickoffs. Keith Gavin has a big, game changing return against Michigan in The Orange Bowl. Derwin James will give it a go, with WR George Campbell and FR RB Khalan Laborn also ready. Increasing the gains in the hidden yardage department can go a long way, and this is an area FSU can make some gains.


Although the Seminoles closed strong last season, with only last minute home loss to eventual National Champion Clemson in the seasons second half, there is a bad taste in the mouth of many in the program after consecutive 3 loss seasons. The talent level appears quite solid, so the goals continue to be set high. The team seems to have a nice blend of experience with new emerging talent. The kicking game is strong as well. Although the schedule is a bear, no significant back to back contests are on the schedule. As is the case with most teams, the health of starting quarterback Deondre Francois is most important.


S Derwin James
Back from an injury which sidelined him for almost all o 20-16, safety S Derwin James returns as a concensus All America player in the defensive backfield. James is a top five NFL pick. Deondre Francois was so impressive as a redshirty freshman at quarterback that he could challenge for conference honors, if not national honors. Add WR Nyquan Murray to that list as well.  Derrick Nnadi will seek national honors as well., Tarvarus McFadden is a preseason first team All America selection. Ryan Izzo is sneaky good at TE. Others with opportunities are for possible All ACC honors candidates are DE Josh Sweat, LB Matthew Thomas, OG Landon Dickerson and DE Brian Burns.  RB Cam Akers should make some serious noise as a freshman.


RB Cam Akers is the prominent name on this list. While he will not likely start at running back, he will see plenty of action right from the get go.  Akers will be a household name among Nole fans in short order. The defensive coaching staff loves S Hamsah Nasirildeen, but he is playing a stacked position, and legacy CB Stanford Samuels III is penciled in at second team. DE Josh Kaindoh should see action, as should DT Marvin Wilson, who is a man among boys. LB Adonis Thomas, RB Khalan Laborn, LB Leonard Warner and WR DJ Matthews are others that appear good enough to find the field.


Florida State is a very good football team and has a chance to win it all, They are thin in certain areas and will need for things to break right; get balls bouncing their way. The schedule is very tough, but the rough games are sufficiently spread out. FSU opens against Alabama in Atlanta, in a clash of titans. Bama is favored, but FSU is quite capable of winning and a win would set a serious tone for what can be accomplished. Nobody likes to lose, but the loser of the game will not be harmed if they take care of their business the rest of the way. We think FSU can win it, but we know Alabama can, so we will think 0-1. That is OK. A very much improved Miami comes to Tallahassee two weeks later, and that is a must win. A very dangerous NC State visits DOAK, but the Wolfpack have won here before and are not intimidated. It will not be easy, but we will say 3-1, before FSU wins at Wake and at Duke before Louisville visits. The 'Noles owe the Cards some payback, so we expect FSU 6-1 here. At Boston College on a Friday Night will be a win, as will the following visit from Syracuse. 8-1. FSU then travels to Clemson, and while the Tigers are top ten, without Deshaun Watson, we think FSU wins this one. Delaware State is handled as FSU prepares to beat Florida down in Gainesville to finish up 11-1. Reaching the ACC championship game is the goal, and we have FSU in it, and winning it. So, we have FSU 12-1 with a playoff trip. Maybe a rematch with Alabama?


Speak Forcefully