Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Kerry, Obama Unleash Direct Betrayal of Israel

In the aftermath of the US abstention at the UN Security Council vote on a resolution slandering Israeli settlements (actually a directive from President Obama), Secretary of State John Kerry, an idiot at large who served in Vietnam, unleashed a comprehensive plan offering further destruction of the middle east while scolding Israel.

"Kerry's central conclusion, that "Israel can either be Jewish or democratic, it cannot be both" is an inanity that passes as profound only in Ivory Tower faculty lounges" offered Sen. Ted Cruz. "It is a sign of their radicalism and refusal to defend American interests, that Obama and Kerry choose to attack the only inclusive democracy in the Middle East -- a strong, steadfast ally of America -- while turning a blind eye to the Islamic terrorism that grows daily."

Kerry and Obama are opponents of America as founded, despising her and her allies all while emboldening her enemies. For me, aiding and abetting enemies of our nation is an act of Treason, Obama and Kerry should be held accountable in any and every legally permissible way.

Mark Levin: Kerry’s outrageous, deceitful speech caps off Obama’s diabolical betrayal of Israel

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas

Enjoy Santa's ride into Manhattan to Radio City Music Hall for the performance for the world famous Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Revealing Post Election Actions

The election is over.

 Donald Trump handily defeated Hillary Clinton. Thank God!

Since the election, it seems clear the character of the participants seems to be revealing itself.

And America should thank it's lucky stars Donald Trump won!

Please see the following assessment, link comments by Rush Limbaugh, we posted on our Facebook page:

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Watching the Wheels

I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round, I really love to watch them roll


Thinking of John Lennon, who was murdered 36 years ago this evening. RIP John. Your brilliance lives on!

America sits watching the wheels go round and round.

 "It’s been 36 years since Lennon was gunned down by an assassin’s bullet on December 8, 1980, but his legacy and the lessons he imparted in his music and his activism have not diminished over the years. 

All of the many complaints we have about government today were present in Lennon’s day and formed the basis of his call for social justice, peace and a populist revolution. Little wonder, then, that the U.S. government saw him as enemy number one. 

Because he never refrained from speaking truth to power, Lennon became a prime example of the lengths to which the U.S. government will go to persecute those who dare to challenge its authority." --John Whitehead.

Well stated!

Power to the People: John Lennon’s Legacy Lives On by John Whitehead

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.     Alabama, 13-0, 1
2.     Washington, 12-1, 3
3.     Clemson, 12-1, 2
4.     Ohio State, 11-1, 4
5.     Michigan, 10-2, 6
6.     Penn State, 11-2, 9
7.     Oklahoma, 10-2, 8
8.     Florida State, 9-3, 10
9.     Southern Cal, 9-3, 11
10.   Wisconsin, 10-3, 5
11.   Colorado, 10-3, 7
12.   Oklahoma State, 9-3, 12
13.   West Virginia, 10-2, 13
14.   Stanford, 9-3, 14
15.   Virginia Tech, 9-4
16.   Auburn, 8-4, 18
17.   Louisiana State, 8-4, 19
18.   Louisville, 9-3, 20
19.   Utah, 8-4, 17
20.   South Florida, 10-2, 21
21.   Florida, 8-4, 15
22.   Miami, 8-4, 22
23.   Iowa, 8-4, NR
24.   Pittsburgh, 8-4, 25
25.   Washington State, 8-4, 23

OUT: Navy (24)

VOTES: Nebraska, Western Michigan, Houston, Georgia Tech, Kansas State, Temple, Texas A&M, Minnesota, Memphis, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tulsa, Boise State, Navy and San Diego State.