Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.     Alabama, 4-0, 1
2.     Ohio State, 3-0. 2
3.     Louisville, 4-0, 3
4.     Clemson, 4-0, 4
5.     Houston, 4-0, 5
6.     Michigan, 4-0, 7
7.     Stanford, 4-0, 8
8.     Washington, 4-0, 6
9.     Texas A&M, 4-0, 11
10.   Florida State, 3-1, 10
11.   Tennessee, 4-0, 12
12.   Ole Miss, 2-2, 13
13.   Wisconsin, 4-0, 15
14.   Baylor, 4-0, 17
15.   Miami, 3-0, 19
16.   Nebraska, 4-0, 18
17.   Arkansas, 3-1, 21
18.   Utah, 4-0, NR
19.   Michigan State, 2-1, 9
20.   North Carolina, 3-1, 16
21.   Texas Christian, 3-1, NR
22.   Oklahoma, 1-2, 25
23.   South Florida, 3-1, 22
24.   Florida, 3-1, 23
25.   Georgia, 3-1, 14

OUT:  Louisiana State (22) and North Dakota State (24),

VOTES: UCLA, San Diego State, West Virginia, Auburn, Boise State, LSU, Texas, North Dakota State, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech,  Memphis, Colorado, Arizona State and USC.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Picture Protest

This is what protesting looks like.

However, after two black individuals were killed by police officers in the line of duty, violence has ensued in Charlotte. One killing in Tulsa looks quite troubling for the men in blue, while on the surface the Charlotte incident, with a black officer pulling the trigger, seems appropriate. We will let the facts unfold, and go from there.

"A lot of damage was done in Charlotte as a result. NASCAR’s $160 million Hall of Fame museum suffered heavy damage as well as the Charlotte Hornets team store, the NASCAR News Center, NASCAR Headquarters, and Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority. The Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant was looted and damaged as well along with many others."

These riots (and yes, they are riots and not protests) are getting out of hand and need to be dealt with harshly when it becomes a free pass to destroy property. "Everybody wants to go out and riot. It's become kind of a social occasion, which is totally insane to me" noted Kimberly Guilfoyle of The Five on FOX News Channel.

Those creating havoc in Charlotte are professional agitators who gather up a collection of useful idiots all in an orchestrated effort to divide us.

It is working. Welcome to Obama's America.

A Horrible Candidate

"Why aren't I 50 points ahead, you might ask" pontificated the arrogant Hillary Clinton, no doubt stunned by recent polling numbers.


Could it be America sees you accurately as a liar, an architect of organizing through bullying the political landscape and a progressive aiming to implement a socialist structure while undermining American power and exceptionalism?

Further, might they astutely envision you as an intellectual progressive operative with disdain for the blue collar working families you profess to support, an individual who dreams of squelching free markets through taxation and regulation championing crony capitalism in support of self promotion while welcoming opportunities for you and your political advocates to abuse power?

And those working families you reference? 94 million people are underemployed while nominal income has been stagnant during Obama's two terms.

Additionally, it should be noted those living in right to work states have economically outperformed those in structured environments you favor, demonstrating your economic idiocy.

I could go on, and on, and on, and on, and......................

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Media Darling Warren An Elitist Hypocrite

The media is gushing with accolades for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D:MA) for going after the CEO of Wells Fargo in hearings today. "The only way Wall Street will change is if executives face jail time when they preside over massive frauds" said Warren.

It should be noted that Sen. Warren enthusiastically supports President Obama, who, as TBP reports, "has not prosecuted one banker for the largest control fraud in world history, as he assumed the role of useful puppet to the vested financial interests."

Warren is nothing more than an elitist hypocrite.

Elizabeth Warren Slams Wells' CEO Stumpf: "You Should Resign, You Should Be Criminally Investigated"

Monday, September 19, 2016


More brilliance from Michael Ramirez. Trump is running around all over the countryside and Hillary is among the walking dead, appearing completely unfit for office.

Meanwhile, the media is questioning and demanding records regarding Trumps health.

What in hell's half acre is going on?

Have I got into Granny Clampett's Rheumatism or something?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.     Alabama, 3-0, 2
2.     Ohio State, 3-0, 5
3.     Louisville, 3-0, 8
4.     Clemson, 3-0, 3
5.     Houston, 3-0, 4
6.     Washington, 3-0, 6
7.     Michigan, 3-0, 7
8.     Stanford, 3-0, 10
9.     Michigan State, 2-0, 17
10.   Florida State, 2-1, 1
11.   Texas A&M, 3-0, 18
12.   Tennessee, 3-0, 9
13.   Ole Miss, 1-2, 12
14.   Georgia, 3-0, 16
15.   Wisconsin, 3-0, 15
16.   North Carolina, 2-1, 19
17.   Baylor, 3-0, 20
18.   Nebraska, 3-0, NR
19.   Miami, 3-0, NR
20.   Louisiana State, 2-1, 21
21.   Arkansas, 3-0, 21
22.   South Florida, 3-0, 24
23.   Florida, 3-0, NR
24.   North Dakota State, 3-0, NR
25.   Oklahoma, 1-2, 11

OUT: Iowa (13), Texas (15), Notre Dame (21) and Oregon (25)

VOTES: Oklahoma State, UCLA, San Diego State, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Notre Dame, Texas Christian, Pittsburgh,Texas, Utah, Boise State Oregon, Central Michigan, Southern Cal, Auburn and West Virginia.


On a day at Louisville they honor favorite son Muhammad Ali, Florida State took a left hoof to the chin early, got technically knocked out midway through the second quarter and sustained continue blows to the head for the remainder of the game in the worst loss in school history.  As the writers over at Tomahawk Nation accurately assessed it, "Normally in blowouts of this sort, as was the case against Oregon in 2014, turnovers pile up and let a game get out of hand. On Saturday, that was hardly the case. Florida State turned the ball over only twice and the Seminoles were merely outmatched in all aspects of the game by a Louisville team that seemed incredibly prepared for FSU and for its first College GameDay game in program history." Florida State was whipped soundly up front on the offensive line, odd considering four starters returned this fall. Roderick Johnson, considered an All America player at tackle, led the team in failing to block anybody. The secondary, thought to be a team strength given their talent and experience, was horrendous.  Sure, the loss of All America player Derwin James hurt, but from arm tackling to losing route runners, it was nothing short of pitiful. The entire defensive unit was dictated to, reactionary as a great dual threat signal caller payed sandlot ball all day, delivering a handful of Heisman moments, which appear to be well deserved. Lamar Jackson was much more than the accurate accolades advertised him to be.  We had Louisville ranked higher in the preseason than any other service, and we appear to have had them too low.


Nebraska got a much needed win over a quality opponent, defeating Oregon at Lincoln.  The Big Red attempted on many occasion to give the game away, but the took the ball late in the fourth quarter and put together a touchdown winning drive, with Tommy Armstrong scoring on a 32 yard quarterback draw. There is so much more out there for Nebraska offensively, but they are held back by questionable play calling and poor execution. It should be noted that Armstrong did not turn the ball over, and when this occurs, good things usually happen for Nebraska. Nebraska now has a real chance, provided they clean up things and continue to improve.  Only a trip to Columbus to take on the Buckeyes looks too tall an order, and they appear in the drivers seat for a trip to Indianapolis for the B1G Championship game. It is noted that Oregon made a tremendous heartfelt gesture to Husker Nation pregame, placing flowers at the 27 yard line to honor fallen Nebraska punter Sam Foltz. This act of kindness did not go unnoticed, and it speaks volumes about Mark Helfrich and the Oregon Duck football operation he leads.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Insults Silent Majority

As noted by, without question, "The political class loathes a large part of this country. Now it’s official."

We cannot get enough of British freedom fighter Nigel Farage, who joined Stuart Varney on Varney & Co. this morning on the FOX Business Network.
Farage accurately noted, People have had enough of being sneered at by out of touch political ‘elites'.


Hillary Clinton, while completely unfit for public office, really committed a political error in insulting half of the country, who supports her competitor Donald Trump.  There are enough people in the middle who really don't appreciate being insulted, and certainly in this political season, that amount could sway an election.

Hillary Clinton should be quite careful insulting the silent majority in this country, made up in large measure of Reaganites who abhor political elites who are dangerously out of touch with the greater majority of the citizenry and how ordinary people live and conduct their lives.

Nigel is quite correct, and it appears the silent majority ship has left port, sailing for seas of freedom and liberty, sinking the intellectual elites in similar fashion to those who were shocked by Brexit.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

TOP 25

1.      Florida State, 2-0, 1
2.      Alabama, 2-0, 1
3.      Clemson, 2-0, 3
4.      Houston, 2-0, 4
5.      Ohio State, 2-0, 5
6.      Washington, 2-0, 6
7.      Michigan, 2-0, 7
8.      Louisville, 2-0, 8
9.      Tennessee, 2-0, 9
10.    Stanford, 1-0, 10
11.    Oklahoma, 1-1, 11
12.    Ole Miss, 1-1, 12
13.    Iowa, 2-0, 17
14.    Wisconsin, 2-0, 15
15.    Texas, 2-0, 16
16.    Georgia, 2-0, 14
17.    Michigan State, 1-0, 18
18.    Texas A&M, 2-0, 20 
19.    North Carolina, 1-1, 22
20.    Baylor, 2-0, 21
21.    Notre Dame, 1-1, 23
22.    Arkansas, 2-0, NR
23.    Louisiana State, 1-1, 24
24.    South Florida, NR, 2-0,
25.    Oregon, 2-0, NR

OUT: Oklahoma State (13), Texas Christian (19) and Nebraska (25).

VOTES: Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Auburn, Florida, Miami, Boise State, UCLA, UTAH, Texas Christian, San Diego State, Arizona State, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, USC and Georgia Tech.

Never Forget

The World Trade Center
Islamic terrorists remain committed to killing us. Unfortunately, they have made significant inroads across the globe this past year, with the Muslim Brotherhood gaining influence and ISIS engaged in a blood thirsty massacre across the entire middle east.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ask the American people to have empathy for our enemies.

Christians are being killed at alarming levels, yet our president continues to call out republicans for their evil attempts to adhere to the Constitution.  We have officially become a nation of men; not laws.

And we have countless enemies within. Those enemies within included our current Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Please engage your voting actions accordingly.

Have you forgotten?

Windows on the world

Evil spit in our face on the morning of September 11, 2001. As America sought comfort on this horrendous day, most found God watching over us. We had faith, which helped us through the incredible grief. With evil lurking all around us, we found love, courage and faith standing tall in the fire.

Although this is a day of remembrance, we must never forget!

I have not forgotten. Never Forget! Political correctness be damned, we must remain committed to taking out evil wherever it exists, foreign or domestic.



Wednesday, September 7, 2016

So You Know

Just so you know, Governor, it is far from incendiary to call illegal immigrants what they are; illegal immigrants.

Actually, beyond my disgust at your condescending scolding of Guy Benson in the interview, I am offended you seek to welcome those whose initial act within our borders was to violate our laws; a slap in the face to those whose perseverance gave them legal entry following the laws, proudly assimilating into our nation.

Many illegal immigrants here are on the public dole, participating in overwhelming our already bankrupt nation. Yes, the immigration system is broken, alarmingly so, but, just so you know, we are a nation of laws, and without adherence to those laws, we are not a nation at all.

As the open borders advocate that you are, maybe that suits you just fine, but not us in red state America, who value legal immigrants who demonstrate appreciation for the history, traditions and principles of our founding.

I recognize many are unable to cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but we never considered Johnson a viable candidate and his defense of illegal immigrants and open borders alone should eliminate him from consideration of anyone wanting to protect the sovereignty of America.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.     Florida State, 1-0, 1
2.     Alabama, 1-0, 2
3.     Clemson, 1-0, 3
4.     Houston, 1-0, 10
5.     Ohio State, 1-0, 7
6.     Washington, 1-0, 8
7.     Michigan, 1-0, 9
8.     Louisville, 1-0, 11
9.     Tennessee, 1-0, 4
10.   Stanford, 1-0, 16
11.   Oklahoma, 0-1, 5
12.   Ole Miss, 0-1, 14
13.   Oklahoma State, 1-0, 17
14.   Georgia, 1-0, 23
15.   Wisconsin, 1-0, NR
16.   Texas, 1-0, NR
17.   Iowa, 1-0, 18
18.   Michigan State, 1-0, 19
19.   Texas Christian, 1-0, 120
20.   Texas A&M, 1-0, NR
21.   Baylor, 1-0, 22
22.   North Carolina, 0-1, 12
23.   Notre Dame, 0-1, 15
24.   Louisiana State, 0-1, 6
25.   Nebraska, 1-0, 21

OUT: Oregon, Southern Cal and UCLA.

VOTES: Oregon, Pittsburgh, UCLA, Utah, Miami, Florida, San Diego State, Southern Cal, Georgia Tech, South Florida, Auburn, West Virginia, Texas Tech, Brigham Young, Arizona State and Arkansas.