Thursday, July 28, 2016

Election Manipulation

The public senses the amount of corruption within the government is out of control; which is part of the reason for the success of the outsiders; Trump and Bernie. But just how deep is it?

At Secret Weapon, "we appreciate that the DNC is highlighting the dangers of cyber-economic manipulation to control our elections. We just think they should look a little more closely at how they gained the White House in 2008. And we should all wonder if there might be a puppet master at work right now."

Who might that be?

George Soros, the man who "broke the bank of England, who is a very accomplished investor who spends his fortunes to finance chaos in an effort to culminate in open borders and a one world governance. After all, it was reported George Soros has backed Hillary Clinton and other Democrats to the tune of $25 million.

Foreign Manipulation of American Elections? by Kevin Freeman
Destruction, distortion, lies and failure. Via Michael P. Ramirez

With Chevrolet SS, Pontiac GXP Lives

Two years ago, miffed at GM joining up with President Obama and his destructive policies, after being firmly in the GM camp my entire life, I felt compelled to issue GM a punitive penalty for their actions, which most notably included the ending of the iconic Pontiac Motor Division. Penalty Served

Now, two years later, with our Pontiac Grand Prix GXP gaining in years and miles, it was time to make a move. A recent 20% sale was deemed to significant to take a pass on, so we made the move and we are now the proud owners of a new 2016 Chevrolet SS.

The Chevrolet SS, currently Chevrolet's entry in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series with the street edition often serving as the pace car, is actually a Holden, produced in Australia for General Motors.

Housing a 415HP V8, and with a suspension that would make the wide track Pontiac's proud, this is quite an impressive ride, very fast with superior handling.

In actual fact, the car could be considered a Pontiac.

Originally, the car was the Pontiac G8, widely considered a top notch four door sedan. The G8 took the place of the Pontiac Grand Prix. Unlike the front wheel drive 2007 303HP V8 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP, the 2008-09 G8 GXP came rear wheel drive 415HP V8.

When Pontiac went away in 2009, GM felt so strongly about the Pontiac G8, they simply shifted the vehicle, along with making improvements, over to Chevrolet, re-badged as the Chevrolet SS.

Pontiac no longer builds excitement, but the hot-rod G8 GXP is back as the Chevrolet SS.

The Chevrolet SS kicks ass, and is really fun to drive. And in our minds, with it, Pontiac lives.

Lead, follow or get out the way!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Selling the USA

There is quite tangled web involving Russia, and of course, The Clinton Foundation is right in the mix.

"At the heart of the tale are several men, leaders of the Canadian mining industry, who have been major donors to the charitable endeavors of former President Bill Clinton and his family. Members of that group built, financed and eventually sold off to the Russians a company that would become known as Uranium One."

The Clinton's have a long history of selling off USA interests for their own personal enrichment. These people need to be in jail, not measuring curtains for another stint in the White House.

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal--The New York Times


This is completely insane.

"U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman wrote that John Hinckley Jr., 61, no longer poses a danger to himself or others and will be freed to live full time with his mother in Williamsburg, Va."

This scumbag was not locked up because he might hurt himself or others, he was serving the penalty for his crime of attempting to assassinate our president.

I find this beyond offensive and another signal our criminal justice system is flawed.

Would-be Reagan assassin John Hinckley Jr. to be freed after 35 years--Washington Post

Monday, July 25, 2016

Forever Foltz

On Saturday night, Nebraska punter Sam Foltz passed away in a car accident. Former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler was driving, and also passed away. The two, and others, were attending a kicking camp for youngsters in Wisconsin.

Foltz was a larger than life guy.  He was a walkon player from Central Nebraska who became an All B1G player who had an NFL future. If he wanted.

Foltz seemed to have a passion for helping others, a man who thought about the big picture.  Seizing productivity for himself, and others, out of each day.

His teammates and coached loved him, as did the communities he shined his light on.  He was a 'Husker Nation here, Royal Forever having celebrated his Royals recent World Series Championship.

Fotlz will be missed, but his impact on those who knew, or knew of him, will live on forever. #GBR #KCR

Huskers come together to grieve Sam Foltz:' A part of everybody in the state died over the weekend', by SAM McKEWON

Reverse Course

Expanding beyond the choking regulations Obama has installed, "Mrs. Clinton would fill her government with people who get up each day looking to tax, spend, regulate—and use the federal government to stomp on anyone in their way," placing the citizenry in a stranglehold.

The decision is quite clear.

It is time to reverse course and Make America Great Again.


The Case for Donald Trump, The Wall Street Journal

Thursday, July 21, 2016

In The Tank

Economic forecaster and best selling author Harry Dent identifies seven reasons America can expect Donald Trump to become the 45th President of the United States.

"These people are mightily pissed and Trump speaks to exactly what they are feeling. These are the people working as hard as ever and getting absolutely nowhere. Real wages have been declining since 2000 and are back near 1973 levels."

"If the economy sharply tanks in the second half of this year – as I anticipate – it will work against the establishment candidate, Clinton." said Dent.

Time to break the chain of dependency and reinstalling the dignity of a job turning into a career.

7 Reasons Why Donald Trump Could Be the Next U.S. President

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Recruiting Tool

Presented without obvious commentary. 

Editorial Cartoon/AF Branco

Monday, July 18, 2016

Baton Rouge Pain Personal for Dunn

Prior to becoming an All America football player at Florida State University and an All Pro NFL player with the Tampa Bay Bucs and Atlanta Falcons, during his senior year at Baton Rouge Catholic HS, Warrick Dunn's mother, Betty Smothers, a Baton Rouge police officer, was murdered in the line of duty.

Dunn, later a recipient of the prestigious NFL Man of the Year Award, released some wonderful, heartfelt comments on the hideous violence which occurred in his hometown Sunday.

From a man who has done so much for people through his charitable endeavors, this incident has affected him in a personal way, and his comments are well worth your time.

My heart breaks for the the families of the law enforcement officers who have lost their loved ones. I have been in similar shoes - it will change their lives and leave them all reeling with questions for years to come. It is a shame - so many officers who are out there on the front lines have tremendous heart for what they do. These acts of violence don't solve anything and if my voice can add to the movement to stop it - then I’d consider that a good thing. I struggle emotionally to understand why and how police officers are being targeted in the way they are. 

The reality of our world is that there is a lot of unrest in our communities, particularly where police shootings are happening. Of course this takes me back to when my own black mother was ambushed and killed - by a black man. And all of this comes at a terribly personal time for me. This week, I will attend trial for a re-sentencing hearing for my mother’s murder - which happened 23 years ago. I hate to even think of what this entire ordeal will cost our community but I know - it is too much. And even though my Mother lost her life all those years ago, the men who were tried by a jury of their peers have been kept alive by a prison system that has seen to their every need. Something that was denied to my Mother. 

We can’t just sit around and talk about how horrible all this is - we have to do something. And that means it ALWAYS starts with the individual. 

One of the things I am doing is taking the role of fatherhood very seriously so I can raise a son who makes a positive contribution. I am striving to be there for him emotionally, physically and intellectually. I want to give him something I never had because statistics prove it makes a difference when a child has an active father in his or her life. And we have to do more to build empathy in children so they have a hard time treating one another badly. It all starts with kids so we have to do all we can to care about kids. Especially kids at risk for never learning how to socially and emotionally relate. 

Another thing we can all do is stress to our elected leaders to look at the issue of guns in our country with serious eyes and intent instead of as a political stand-off. And then we have to give justice a chance to work. When people are intentional in the use of guns against others - we have to make sure the message that crime doesn’t pay - means something. Today I confess I wonder about that because from my view with my Mother’s trial, justice has failed our family - but I believe we can and must do better. 

We also have to ensure that the laws on the books are enforced. Of course I know there are officers who do not do the right thing - that is true in every profession. But when murder is a planned event - the rule of law should matter and loopholes or sophisticated lawyering have to stop. Why have laws if we aren’t going to enforce them? 

I feel close to this subject - it has touched me very personally. I speak for no one other than myself and I support law enforcement. I also support the community of Baton Rouge because they were there for me and my family. If I could have any effect, I’d ask the community to stop the violence, to cool down and to come together to figure this out. There is nothing we can’t do but we have to work together to make something positive come from yet another tragedy in my home town.

We will find answers to many of our issues seeking guidance from individuals like Warrick Dunn, a hometown hero is there ever was one.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Support Law Enforcement

Praying for all our law enforcement, whom we strongly support.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Arrogance of the Ruling Class Knows No Bounds.

Rep Corrine Brown (D:FL) was hit with a 24-count federal indictment Friday. "Prosecutors say that Brown used her official post as a member of Congress to solicit $800,000 in donations. That money, according to the indictment, was used on personal items."

Politico reports Brown opened her new statement saying “last week was very rough, Two black men were needlessly gunned down by police; 5 Dallas police officers were slain by a demented man, and on Friday I had to appear in federal court,” she wrote.


The arrogance of the ruling class knows no bounds.

A Bitter Pill

Over at Investment Watch Blog, a sobering article was presented regarding the state of the economy with an emphasis on inventories, particularly versus sales.

First, a pie chart presented some dire data regarding Americans savings accounts, which shows any meaningful recovery, particularly for the lower income families, is fiction.

“It’s worrisome that such a large percentage of Americans have so little set aside in a savings account,” said Cameron Huddleston, a personal finance expert and columnist for GOBankingRates. “It suggests that they likely don’t have cash reserves to cover an emergency and will have to rely on credit, friends, and family, or even their retirement accounts to cover unexpected expenses.”

In addition to these findings, along with restaurant and retail getting crushed, we find a hideous divergence between year over year wholesale sales and inventories.

With the administration working every angle for "working families", we find “the poorest Americans have stopped shopping, except for necessities,” said Britt Beemer, chairman of ARG.

As IWB notes, "inventories-to-sales at recessionary peaks…"

Imagine that!

The entire recovery has been a fraud.

Sadly, with a genesis to the current debacle found in the last months of the Bush administration, the Obama administration has used the crisis to increase government control over the segment of society making the engine turn, most notably through actions like Dodd-Frank.

Additionally, the banks have been bailed out, and wealth has been stolen from the citizenry.  While rates are low, borrowing restrictions have escalated, and seniors on fixed income have been crushed.

Ironically, with the DOW reaching news highs, folks will point to the stock market as success. However, the money supply has been increased five fold, indicating losses on purchasing power versus a 300 percent increase in the market.

And about the stability of the market, Zero Hedge reports infiltration by central banks, propping up the indexes. Those in the know recognize the jig is about up, as evidenced by the short squeeze witnessed over the last few days.

Via Zero Hedge

Something will have to give, and make no mistake, the end result ramifications will be a bitter pill for the American economy to swallow. When it occurs, please remember who has been in charge for the last eight or so years; a group aiming to curtail economic freedom and increase dependency on government.

We recommend you visit and frequently to keep up to speed!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

In The Face of Tyranny

It is official.

Under this administration, we have become a nation of men rather than a nation of laws, an egregious divergence from our founding.

FBI Director James Comey laid out a case of gross negligence and "extremely careless handling of very sensitive, highly classified information" by Mrs. Clinton.

Yet citing a lack of intent, which is not relevant in this case, Comey "viewed that no charges are appropriate." Charges are completely appropriate, as "Hillary Clinton checked every box required for a felony violation" as National Review's Andy McCarthy noted.

Comey's action in this matter, although not unexpected, is regretful. Thought to be a man of character by most, we can extend appreciation to Sen. Rand Paul, R:KY, the lone dissenter as James Comey confirmed for FBI post.

Obviously, there is one set of laws for the intellectual elites, and one for the rest of us,

In the face of tyranny, this must change.

First week of November would work by voting in Donald Trump for President.