Monday, October 31, 2016

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football 

Top 25

1.     Alabama, 8-0, 1
2.     Washington, 8-0, 2
3.     Clemson, 8-0, 4
4.     Michigan, 8-0, 3
5.     Louisville, 7-1, 5
6.     Texas A&M, 7-1, 6
7.     Ohio State, 7-1, 7
8.     Wisconsin, 6-2, 10
9.     Nebraska, 7-1, 9
10.   Auburn, 6-2, 14
11.   Louisiana State, 5-2, 15
12.   Florida, 6-1, 17
13.   Oklahoma, 6-2, 20
14.   North Carolina, 6-2, 19
15.   Utah, 7-2, 15
16.   Florida State, 5-3, 13
17.   Southern Cal, 5-2, 21
18.   Baylor, 6-1, 13
19.   Virginia Tech, 6-2, NR
20.   Oklahoma State, 6-2, NR
21.   West Virginia, 6-1, 11
22.   Colorado, 6-2, 23
23.   Penn State, 6-2, 25
24.   Washington State, 6-2, NR
25.   Stanford, 5-3, NR

OUT: Tennessee (12), Boise State (18), Navy (21) and Pittsburgh (24).

VOTES: Tennessee, Ole Miss, Houston, Arkansas, Pittsburgh, South Florida, San Diego State, Iowa, Wyoming, Boise State, Navy, Minnesota, Temple and Northwestern.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

America's Evil Shadow

"Unaffected by elections. Unaltered by populist movements. Beyond the reach of the law. Say hello to America’s shadow government. A corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by un-elected officials who are, in essence, running the country, this shadow government represents the hidden face of a government that has no respect for the freedom of its citizenry."
--John Whitehead

Observing the dictates of the day, the thought of a shadow government pulling all the strings gains credence.

And that shadow, appears to be more evil than one can imagine.

The Path to Total Dictatorship: America's Shadow Government and Its Silent Coup by John Whitehead

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

An Easy Choice. The Only Choice

Single Payer Always The Plan

You have seen stories on Obamacare premiums going up 25%?

Nobody who read Obamacare before it passed thought the numbers would work. That was always the plan, designed to fail with the public clamoring for the government to fix it, and fix it they will, replacing it with a single payer plan.

You were lied to, and slapped in the face via your wallet.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D:IL), whose husband Robert Creamer recently made headlines turning up in the videos outlining voter fraud put forth by James O'Keefe and his group Project Veritas, proclaimed the ruse to take the country to a single payer plan years ago. Take a listen:


Accurately noted by Rush Limbaugh, the democrats "can tie every life decision you make to health care that they are paying for, then they can deny you certain things. They can tell you can't eat that, drink that, can't go there, can't travel there, can't have too many kids, can't do this. They have total control over who you are and how you live based on how much your health care is gonna cost them. There will be death panels. There will be rationing. There will be decisions made on who gets treatment and who doesn't, and it's gonna be based on age. It's gonna be how some bureaucrat values your life versus somebody else's, who's worth more in terms of getting treatment so they live longer, who does the country miss less if they die sooner."

If elected, Hillary will eliminate choice from your health care coverage while further eroding your freedom.

Obamacare Implodes -- As Designed by Rush Limbaugh

Dead Men Voting

Move Right In

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We Got To Win This Doggone Thing!

Legendary Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden, a true gentleman of the south on top of being the winningest college football coach, was in Tampa town today to introduce Donald Trump to an overflow gathering.


Coach Bowden, as great a man as he is football coach, recognized the importance of this election.

We Got To Win This Doggone Thing!

Yes we do!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Trump Incites Violence?

Trump incites violence?

"Just yesterday the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden said to a crowd at a campaign event that he would be happy to take Donald Trump behind the gymnasium for a fight."

It is the "liberal thugs like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bob Creamer and goon squads of communist insurgents who think nothing of inciting violence to win the day. All derived from the playbook of Saul Alinsky, a mentor of Hillary Clinton, whose teachings seek victory by any means necessary, inclusive of violence and lawlessness.

"The evidence is quite overwhelming—and unfortunately, we have to “drain the swamp” before we can build anything good in Washington D.C. again" said Rich Hoffman.

"I’ll Be Happy to Meet Joe Biden Behind the Gym: Why we can’t accept a Hillary Clinton presidency

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.    Alabama, 8-0, 1
2.    Washington, 7-0, 3
3.    Michigan, 7-0, 4
4.    Clemson, 7-0, 5
5.    Louisville, 6-1, 7
6.    Texas A&M, 6-1, 5
7.    Ohio State, 6-1, 2
8.    Baylor, 6-0, 8
9.    Nebraska, 7-0, 9
10.  Wisconsin, 5-2, 10
11.  West Virginia, 6-0, 13
12.   Tennessee, 5-2, 11
13.   Florida State, 5-2, 14
14.   Auburn, 5-2, 24
15.   Louisiana State, 5-2, 20
16.   Utah, 7-1, 18
17.   Florida, 5-1, 16
18.   Boise State, 7-0, 19
19.   North Carolina, 6-2, 21
20.   Oklahoma, 5-2, 15
21.   Southern Cal, 4-3, 25
22.   Navy, 5-1, NR
23.   Colorado, 6-2, NR
24.   Pittsburgh, 5-2, NR
25.   Penn State, 5-2, NR

OUT: Houston, (12), Arkansas (17), South Florida (22), and Ole Miss (23).

VOTES: Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, Washington State, Houston, Western Michigan, Virginia Tech, San Diego State, Arkansas and Iowa.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

No Freedom Loving Patriot Could Appreciate Their Candidacy

Many who can't find ground with Trump or Hillary are turning to the Libertarian ticket.

Like the author of this piece, I cannot support Johnson right out of the gate due to his "support for the sovereignty-destroying, corporatist coup masquerading as a free trade deal, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)."

His VP choice William Weld, was on Glenn Beck today, and listed some horrifying positions.

Weld supported Obama in '08, thinks he had "interesting ideas," particularly with his thoughts on the getting away from the industrial revolution and combustion engine (see our previous post on the dangerous and evil Agenda 21) and finds Obama has behaved with dignity.

Lord Have Mercy!

Additionally, Weld said he thinks Brexit was a "bad thing" which would "upset stuff" (exit from government oppression is freedom) and found it good to put 20 million on the rolls with Obamacare. He was horrified by Trump attempting to renegotiate our debt obligations.

An economic imbecile no doubt.

"Weld irked Johnson supporters when he said on MSNBC that he’s “not sure anybody is more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States.This isn’t just about trashing Trump, he is openly advocating for neocon criminal Hillary Clinton."--Michael Krieger

No freedom loving patriot could appreciate their candidacy.

‘Libertarian’ VP Candidate Will Focus His Energy on Trashing Trump by Michael Krieger

Victim of Clinton Theft Is You

Self described by Hillary Clinton as leaving The White House broke, the Clinton's have amassed great wealth without selling a product or acquiring ownership of an or any collection of assets. Instead, without permission, the Clinton's sold access to our greatest asset, The United States of America.

That action is and should be considered theft.

And the victim of this theft is you.

As Harry Truman accurately noted, "you can't get rich in politics unless your a crook."

There you have it.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Agenda 21 Evil Initiative

Are you familiar with Agenda 21 (now noted as Agenda 2030)?

It is a global effort operating under the false premise of climate change which in reality is a vehicle of wealth transfer while reducing the sovereignty of nations while increasing control over their citizenry.

As noted in Investors Business Daily, "Agenda 21 is intended to foster what environmentalists call "sustainable development" in the belief that man since the Industrial Revolution has been a plague on the planet, plundering its resources while destroying nature and putting the world at risk of disastrous climate change, poverty and disease."

"It’s a parasitical representation of the 1%, feeding on the 99. Agenda 21. Divide. Dumb down.Conquer."

Become acquainted with this effort, for make no mistake, this evil initiative places your liberty and freedom is very much at stake.

What Exactly Is Agenda 21 by

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.     Alabama, 7-0, 1
2.     Ohio State, 6-0, 2
3.     Washington, 6-0, 4
4.     Michigan, 6-0, 5
5.     Clemson, 7-0, 3
6.     Texas A&M, 6-0, 7
7.     Louisville, 5-1, 6
8.     Baylor, 6-0, 12
9.     Nebraska, 6-0, 13
10.   Wisconsin, 4-2, 10
11.   Tennessee, 5-2, 8
12.   Houston, 6-1, 11
13.   West Virginia, 5-0, 19
14.   Florida State, 5-2, 14
15.   Oklahoma, 4-2, 17
16.   Florida, 5-1, 18
17.   Arkansas, 5-2, 21
18.   Utah, 6-1, 24
19.   Boise State, 6-0, 23
20.   LSU, 4-2, 20
21.   North Carolina, 5-2, NR  
22.   South Florida, 6-1, 22
23.   Ole Miss, 3-3, 9
24.   Auburn, 4-2, 25
25.   Southern Cal, 4-3, NR

OUT: Virginia Tech (15) and Miami (16).

VOTES: Miami, Western Michigan, Colorado, Virginia Tech, Stanford, Oklahoma State, Navy, San Diego State, Washington State, Pittsburgh, North Dakota State, Iowa, NC State and Arizona State.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Jail Bird

Hypocrite Misogynists

Ryan Sabotage?

Speaker Ryan is sickened by comments by Donald Trump over a decade ago.

Well, I am sickened by the damage that has been done to our nation by the progressive elites in both parties.

Ryan and Clinton share and advocate for open borders, which could be the most destructive action in the attempt to weaken America sovereignty among a global governance.

Also of note is the absence of commentary from Ryan regarding all the horrendous treatment of women by the Clinton's over the years.  Sabotage

Clinton and Ryan are part of the political establishment seizing freedom and liberty from the citizens of this nation.

Did Paul Ryan Know about Hillary’s Trump Hit Piece Video Before It Was Released?

While Haiti Reels, Clinton Pockets Full

As Haiti reels from the devastation of Hurricane Matthew, I wondered how, after such vigorous involvement from the Clinton Foundation, the country remained so ill prepared to face another natural disaster.

"It seems clear that Haitian welfare is not their priority. Their priority is, well, themselves.

The Clintons seem to believe in Haitian reconstruction and Haitian investment as long as these projects match their own private economic interests. They have steered the rebuilding of Haiti in a way that provides maximum benefit to themselves."  Embezzlement

The evidence is clear, as video from Haiti clearly demonstrates, Haiti received little if any benefit.

Where did the money go? Into the Clinton Foundation pockets.

How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich off Poor Haitians

Except For

Opinion Now Evidence

Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to be your champion.

I want individuals across the fruited plain to all be champions, forging their own path unencumbered by a controlling government.

She is an arrogant hypocrite, an intellectual progressive operative with disdain for the blue collar working families she professes to support, an individual who dreams of squelching free markets through taxation and regulation championing crony capitalism in support of self promotion and her political advocates all the while welcoming opportunities to abuse power.

Opinion now evidence.


Monday, October 10, 2016

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.     Alabama, 6-0, 1
2.     Ohio State, 5-0, 2
3.     Clemson, 6-0, 3
4.     Washington, 6-0, 4
5.     Michigan, 6-0, 6
6.     Louisville, 4-1, 7
7.     Texas A&M, 6-0, 8
8.     Tennessee, 5-1, 9
9.     Ole Miss, 3-2, 10
10.   Wisconsin, 4-1, 13
11.   Houston, 5-1, 5
12.   Baylor, 5-0, 15
13.   Nebraska, 5-0, 16
14.   Florida State, 4-2, 19
15.   Virginia Tech, 4-1, NR
16.   Miami, 4-1, 11
17.   Oklahoma, 3-2, 18
18.   Florida, 4-1, 20
19.   West Virginia, 4-0, 23
20    Louisiana State, 3-2, 24
21.   Arkansas, 4-2, 17
22.   South Florida, 5-1 20
23.   Boise State, 5-0, NR
24.   Utah, 5-1, NR
25.   Auburn, 4-2, NR

OUT:  Stanford (12), North Carolina (14), Colorado (22) and UCLA (25)

VOTES:  Georgia, Arizona State, Oklahoma State, North Carolina, Western Michigan, NC State, Southern Cal, Colorado, Pittsburgh, Navy, Memphis, Texas Christian, North Dakota State, Washington State, Stanford, UCLA and Brigham Young.

Naked Truth

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Color & Pageantry Top 25

College Football

Top 25

1.     Alabama, 5-0, 1
2.     Ohio State, 4-0, 2
3.     Clemson, 5-0, 4
4.     Washington, 5-0, 8
5.     Houston, 5-0, 5
6.     Michigan, 5-0, 6
7.     Louisville, 4-1, 3
8.     Texas A&M, 5-0, 9
9.     Tennessee, 5-0, 11
10.   Mississippi, 3-2, 12
11.   Miami, 4-0, 15
12.   Stanford, 3-1, 7
13.   Wisconsin, 4-1, 13
14.   North Carolina, 4-1, 20
15.   Baylor, 5-0, 14
16.   Nebraska, 5-0, 16
17.   Arkansas, 4-1, 21
18.   Oklahoma, 2-2, 22
19.   Florida State, 3-2, 10
20.   South Florida,  4-1, 23
21.   Florida, 4-1, 24
22.   Colorado, 4-1, NR
23.   West Virginia, 4-0, NR
24.   Louisiana State, 3-2, NR
25.   UCLA, 3-2, NR

OUT: Utah (18), Michigan State (19),  Texas Christian (21)  and Georgia (25)

VOTES: Oklahoma State, Boise State, Virginia Tech, Auburn, Georgia, Texas Christian, Utah, Southern Cal, Arizona State, Memphis, Pittsburgh, North Dakota State, Western Michigan, Michigan State, California, North Carolina State, Texas, Notre Dame and Maryland.

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