Thursday, March 30, 2017

GM Death Star

The very first Holden made Pontiac G8 GXP will be auctioned off next weekend at the Barrett-Jackson event in Palm Beach.

Burt Reynolds, who is perhaps most well known as "The Bandit" running his black Pontiac Trans-Am leading a run to get beer in the outstanding cult movie "Smokey and The Bandit," will be in attendance.

Unfortunately, the final bid for this Pontiac G8 GXP will be outside the parameters of my disposable income.

First Production Pontiac G8 To Be Auctioned Off At Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach

GM appears in effort to destroy itself.

It began with the company listening to idiotic Obama staffers who thought it best to jettison the Pontiac Motor Division in a restructuring in the aftermath of the 2008 financial collapse.

GM kept Buick instead, and sales have been much less than hoped.

The Pontiac G8 gained high acclaim from the industry. This Holden based V8 RWD four door performance sedan represented the muscle car Pontiac's of the past.  The GXP model turned out 415 HP.

With Buick not offering a V8 sedan, GM made a good decision and essentially modernized the Pontiac G8, re-badging the Pontiac G8 as the Chevrolet SS in 2013.  Both cars are essentially Holden Commodores, both rear wheel drive V8's turning 415HP.

Chevrolet is the only GM product run on the NASCAR circuit, an the car is the Chevrolet SS.

The Chevy SS, the only direct lineage to Pontiac remaining, produced essentially 3000 cars annually for America from 2013-2017.

In yet another boneheaded decision, GM and Holden ended production of the Chevy SS.  2017 is the final year you can buy one new, and if you hope to do so, you had better hurry up. The non-advertised car is already a collectors item.

Like the Pontiac G8, the Chevy SS is a phenomenal vehicle, with those who care offering countless acclaim.
Motor Trend called the SS the "benchmark sports sedan."

Sadly, an affordable four sedan with V8 power will no longer be available from General Motors. The only V8 options will be the expensive Cadillac, the Camaro and the Corvette.

Meanwhile, an oversupply of unsold Buick vehicles sit in inventory.

Order A Screwdriver

There are very few tools in the toolbox to deal with this sort of fiscal catastrophe.

As Zero Hedge notes, "As the past 8 years have shown, only debt cures more debt, so expect nothing to change."

Zero Hedge also provides evidence the CBO is yet another agency with a leftist political agenda, as the ponder: Also, we find it just a little confusing why the CBO never warned of an imminent "fiscal crisis" over the past 8 years when total US debt doubled, increasing by $10 trillion under the previous administration.

CBO Warns Of Fiscal Catastrophe As A Result Of Exponential Debt Growth In The U.S

There may be one tool in the toolbox other than increasing the debt!

Maybe the bartender can bring us a screwdriver?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Time to Exit!

The Road To Serfdom is among the top must reads for anyone.

As Dr. Thomas Sowell accurately notes in a review of F. A. Hayek's masterpiece, "The rule of law, on which freedom itself ultimately depends, is inherently incompatible with socialism. People who are free to do as they wish will not do as the economic planners wish. Differences in values and priories are enough to ensure that. These differences must be ironed out by propaganda or power, if socialism is to be socialism. Indoctrination must be part of the program, not because socialist want to be brainwashers, but because socialism requires brainwashing."

Without the rule of law, you no longer have a nation of virtue wtih freedom and liberty for all.

Unfortunately, the assessment Dr. Sowell arrived upon in review of Hayek's brilliance, is actually happening.

Rather than "cheering for your team" no matter the policy put forth, it seems our citizenry should acquaint themselves with the ability to engage in critical thinking. Presently, powerful ruling class elite and progressive politicians, with the cooperation of their partners in the mainstream media, are pushing their agenda, littered with propaganda and fake news, on the citizenry.

It is, as progressive Stuart Chase wrote in 1942, "The Road We Are Traveling."

The "real" stories, which discredit the propaganda pushed by the central planners, is labeled Fake News.

Fake News is a new weapon designed by the central planners to confuse the citizenry, who has made recent strides on deciphering truth from deception.

But until America firmly wakes up and wins this battle, and make no mistake it is just that, that road is "The Road To Serfdom."

Time to Exit!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bridges To Nowhere

"The terrorists in this country have made it so that you now believe walking down a pavement, is brave. You now believe doing the things you always did, is somehow resilient?"  --Katie Hopkins @KTHopkins

'You're fools!' Katie Hopkins hits out at critics, branding UK terror response PATHETIC

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Storm

Devastating Case

The Great One, Mark Levin, lays out the case about the Police State tactics being employed against President Donald Trump:

“Donald Trump is being attacked here. Donald Trump is the victim. His campaign is the victim. His Transition Team is the victim. his surrogates are the victim. These are police state tactics… If this would have been done to Barack Obama all hell would break lose.”

Levin joined Fox & Friends, with hosts Pete Hegseth, Abby Huntsman and Ed Henry,  to discuss on Sunday Morning:

Levin came back for another segment, continuing to lay out his devastating case.

Enemies within orchestrating internal takeover.

Conservative Mark Levin on Obama Wiretapping from Gateway Pundit

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Real Racism Story

"What if I told you institutionalized racism was real in America and came through a president named FDR?

"Every single aspect of systemic racism and white supremacy they have pushed remains on the Democratic side,” said Breitbart firebrand Sonnie Johnson, later adding: “They came from the Democrat side and they remain on the Democrat side.”


Sonnie Johnson is among America's top voices on the plight that faces our minority communities, a courageous leader all too happy to identify and call out the real culprits.

Sonnie Johnson at CPAC: ‘Systemic Racism and White Supremacy’ Belong to the Democrats