Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Little Man

Rahm Emanuel, former Obama chief of staff and present Mayor of Chicago, stepped out amidst the gunfire (protected by armed guards) to mouth off about President Trump's new executive order on vetting those entering our nation.

With youngsters in his city being murdered seemingly on every corner, Emanuel had the audacity to challenge the order and proclaim his city, a sanctuary city, would welcome any immigrants and refugees.

Yes, he forgot to differentiate between legal and illegal immigrants, which was by design.

Emanuel is a disgusting individual, a public servant who embraces his power with little to no regard for the well being of the citizens he was elected to serve.  And this little man aspires to higher office!

Many Chicagoans live life in danger, with no relief in site. It is murder capital USA!

Emanuel should be held criminally responsible for failing to adequately control the criminality engulfing his city and failing miserably to protect its citizens.

If anyone with any sanity is left in Chicago, where on the north side they are still celebrating a long elusive World Series victory, it is time to reach out to your Bear and Blackhawk neighbors hither and yon to hold this jackass accountable, and to seek an individual who empowers and appreciates the citizens who once made this city great.

Meanwhile, we will continue to support Trump in his effort to protect our nation from those who wish us harm, a responsibility "Deadfish" Emanuel cannot and/or will not tackle for his city.

Handcuffing The EPA

The power to tax is the power to destroy, and few have more power these days than the Environmental Protection Agency.

Through excessive taxation and regulation, including environmental fees, the government, while not wishing to own your property outright, increasingly controls the utilization of your real and personal property . While the greater majority of these actions are presented as needed effort to limit man made damage to Global Climate Change, the reality is it is a vehicle for the transfer of wealth and control over the citizenry, with particular emphasis on energy and environmental protection, both of which affect property owners.

These are tenants involved in the evil globalist Agenda 21, newly labeled as Agenda 2030.

With the new appointments under President Trump, these illegal encroachments on the citizenry are about to cease, increasing freedom and liberty for all.

Meltdown at the EPA via National Review

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Enduring Love for the United States of America!

"In the rhetoric of Reagan and Trump there is a simplicity and a directness that is familiar to, and appeals to, the men and women out in Middle America, to whom both directed their campaigns."

Both men have an enduring love for the United States of America!

Friends Freed?

As President Obama continues to free hundreds of convicted felons, many of them terrorists, not to mention ad individual who committed treason against the United States, if is worth comparing this action with that of a true American Patriot.

Although in his own mind Obama thinks of his presidency as being among the greatest our nation has had, it is far from it.

Among the many measuring arenas we can engage, perhaps the pardons and commutations at the end or a term is most telling.

It is often said that one mans terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, and I would deem that true.

So, we can compare Abraham Lincoln with Barack Obama under that metric.

One freed American slaves (for which he paid the ultimate price) and one freed terrorists.

That would appear to be all we need to know.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Commander in Arrogance

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” ---C. S. Lewis

Somebody ought to inform our Commander in Arrogance.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Color & Pageantry

The Color & Pageantry

College Football

2016 Final Top 25

1.      Clemson, 14-1, 3
2.      Alabama, 14-1, 1
3.      Southern Cal, 10-3, 9
4.      Washington, 11-2, 2
5.      Oklahoma, 11-2, 7
6.      Florida State, 10-3, 8
7.      Penn State, 11-2, 6
8.      Ohio State, 11-2, 4
9.      Michigan, 10-3, 5
10.    Wisconsin, 11-3, 10
11.    Oklahoma State, 10-3, 12
12.    Stanford, 10-3, 14
13.    Louisiana State, 8-4, 17
14.    Florida, 9-4, 21
15.    Virginia Tech, 10-4, 15
16.    Colorado, 10-4, 11
17.    South Florida, 11-2, 20
18.    Miami, 9-4, 22
19.    West Virginia, 10-3, 13
20.    Auburn, 8-5, 20
21.    Western Michigan, 13-1, NR
22.    Utah, 9-4, 19
23.    Louisville, 9-4, 18
24.    Tennessee, 9-4, NR
25.    Kansas State, 9-4, NR

OUT: Iowa (23), Pittsburgh (24) and Washington State (25).

VOTES: Nebraska, Pittsburgh, San Diego State, Georgia Tech, Baylor, Minnesota, North Carolina, Washington State, Texas A&M, Tulsa, Iowa, Georgia, Houston and Western Kentucky.


Clemson QB Deshaun Watson dives for score


Clemson QB Deshaun Watson celebrates!

Intentionally Destructive Legacy

The Legacy of Barack Obama, an enemy within with widespread destruction intentionally left in his wake.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Glimpses of Greatness

There were glimpses of greatness.

In a battle of titans, Florida State faced the Michigan Wolverines, coached by favorite son Jim Harbaugh, in the Capital One Orange Bowl in Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Michigan was favored by a touchdown.

But did the odds makers really know the Seminoles? Hardly.

There is little question the Seminoles underachieved in 2016, taking half the season to get hold of a defensive unit that lacked early discipline and focus.

Florida State went to work fast, taking the opening possession down for a touchdown, culminated by a short run by the phenomenal Dalvin Cook.

3, 2 1 Touchdown FSU, Dalvin Cook!

Florida State had stopped Michigan early, but Nyqwan Murray muffed a punt, giving the Wolverines the ball inside the FSU five, but the Seminoles were able to hold Michigan to a field goal. Murray made up for the blunder quickly, scoring on a 92 yard bomb from Deondre Francois (the longest passing touchdown in Orange Bowl history) which helped FSU build a 20-6 halftime lead.

The game should have been over, and looking around the stadium at the faces of the large contingent of those in blue, it was. However, that would not be the case.

Michigan was tough, and they stuck with their game plan.  It had some effectiveness.

QB Wilton Speight leads the Wolverines

Florida State redshirt freshman quarterback Deondre Francois, beyond demonstrating significant toughness, did not make the mistakes in 2016 one might expect from his lack of experience, but he made a big one on this night, throwing an ill fated late pass deep in our own territory which was picked and returned for a touchdown. The error put Michigan right back in the ball game, cutting the score to 20-15 FSU.

Then, Dalvin Cook went to work, racing 71 yards to set up another FSU score.  FSU 27 Michigan 15.

Michigan fought back, with perhaps their best drive, getting a touchdown pass to cut it to 27-22. The Wolverines stopped FSU, and then put together a scoring drive capped by a 29 yard run by tailback Chris Evans.  Out of seemingly  nowhere, Michigan led 30-27.

With less than two minutes left, things looked bleak for FSU.

When Keith Gavin accepted the kickoff, he appeared to not know where he was on the field, and decided to run the kickoff back. It seemed a poor decision, but defenders seemed somewhat frozen by his action, allowing him to race 66 yards before being stopped.

Francois hit Cook for 21 yards, and then fired a 12 yard score to Nyqwan Murray, giving FSU the 33-30 lead. The PAT would exponentially increase the odds of victory, forcing Michigan to score a touchdown with little time to work. But the Wolverines blocked the PAT, returning it for 2 points, cutting the lead to 33-32.

FSU WR Nyqwan Murray

Florida State held Michigan on downs and won the football game.

Dalvin Cook was brilliant as usual, and Nyqwan Murray more than atoned for his early fumble blunder with two major touchdown grabs. Defensively, LB Matthew Thomas (15 tackles, 9 solo) shined, and DE DeMarcus Walker was nothing short of outstanding, with 4.5 tackles for loss.

The Seminoles looked like a playoff team at times on this evening, but made a boatload of errors which prohibit teams from reaching lofty goals like that.

It was an exciting game, although is should not have been.  It was a stellar crowd, which included former Dolphin great Dan Marino, current Pitt Panther James Conner, Dolphin broadcaster "Hammerin" Hank Goldberg and Kansas City Royal first basemen and Miami native Eric Hosmer.

Dalvin Cook is off to the NFL, but Florida State has a veteran team returning in 2107, with approximately 37 of 44 on the two deep coming back. Talent abounds, and given improvement in focus, FSU has the look of a playoff team.

Always a pleasure to run with King Orange in Miami. I attended my first Orange Bowl in 1972, and this was my fifteenth contest. The game gave us all another glimpse of the greatness that could have been for FSU in 2016.

That Equilibrium Point

There are major cracks in the system, and have been for some time.

An economy based upon non-full time service employment, previously considered an accompaniment to healthy economy, is inefficient and destined for trouble.

There are a series of bubbles set to burst, so we are left with a major question. Can Donald Trump revive the economy fast enough with real employment and increased production to counter balance the bursting blow up we see forthcoming?

Wherever we find that equilibrium point will be time to invest and gain a foothold in the coming emergence of a new and exciting economy that could lift the fortunes of everyone wishing to be participatory.

There's A Massive Restaurant Bubble, And It's About To Burst via Zero Hedge.com

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Not A Good Look

It was not a good look.

A depleted Nebraska team was traveling to back yard of a preseason top ten team that stunningly underachieved and had much to prove, facing Tennessee in The Music City Bowl in  Nashville, about 200 miles from ole Rocky Top, home to the Volunteers in Knoxville.

Nebraska's record setting quarterback Tommy Armstrong was unavailable to close out his Husker career due to a hamstring injury.  The Big Red's leading receiver, Jordan Westercamp, was also out due to injury. And top tackler, senior safety Nate Gerry, inexplicably failed to go to class and made himself ineligible for the contest. Additionally, top running back Terrell Newby was hobbled, and top backup Tre Bryant was injured.

It had the look of a long day; and it was.

The Tennessee expected to challenge Alabama in the SEC, the team returning seventeen starters from a 9-4 campaign a year ago, showed up with a chip on their shoulder.

Nebraska was unable to do much offensively. Up front, the Huskers disappointed mightily, unable to generate a running game, which would seem critical to Big Red success. While Tennessee has a collection of top talent, most inclusive of DE Derek Barnett, the Vols did surrender huge amounts of real estate late in the year to teams with rushing attacks much inferior to Nebraska.

Unable to run, it came down to backup quarterback Ryker Fyfe hitting the Huskers stable of fleet footed receivers. There was some success, but Fyfe was under duress much of the day.

Tennessee DE Derek Barnett sacks Ryker Fyfe

The Volunteers had success offensively against Nebraska. While the Huskers were adequate with respect to a pass rush, Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs was able to elude the rush running and or passing to find gains in yardage. "Lockdown U" was unlocked, as Volunteer receivers made several big plays, none more impactful than the final touchdown toss from Dobbs to Josh Malone, which ended any minimal chance for the Huskers to come back and steal this one.

Nebraska seemed outclassed, which in itself is stunning.

Nebraska started 7-0, but they did not look like a top ten team at all, and it showed limping home to 9-4.

For 2017, upgrades are needed across the board. Presumably, without Tommy Armstrong, the offense will move to a more pass oriented attack which coach Mike Riley and offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf prefer. The line was though to be emerging, but that was hard to imagine looking at this tape. The receivers are a team strength, and quarterback should be better than most think.

Defensively, there is talent, particularly in the secondary, but the front seven needs help in strength and speed. The front seven never got to a position to achieve dominance all season, and some players appeared to regress during the year; a troubling development.

A decent recruiting class appears on the horizon, and some young talent already on campus are already being whispered about. Time is getting short, and the schedule is no friend in 2017, picking up two potential top ten teams in Ohio State and Penn State.

The Music City Bowl was not a good look for the 'Huskers, and it is time to get to work on the promise of 2017.

Meanwhile, Nebraska punter Sam Foltz, who was tragically killed in a car accident just prior to the season, had been on the minds of the team and Husker Nation all year.  In fact, each of the opponents paid tribute to Foltz in their own special way.

Foltz was in Nashville in spirit, and senior wide receiver Brandon Reilly paid a special and moving tribute to Sam following his second quarter touchdown reception.
Sam Foltz was an outstanding young man, and he will forever be in the thoughts of 'Huskers nationwide.

Wake Up And Get A Clue

No doubt an indictment of our educational system as an incubator of imbecilic snowflakes, there is a large amount of folks who are so far out to lunch on international relations that they may well end up dead. And sooner than they think.

You better get yourself together 
Pretty soon you're gonna be dead

-Instant Karma, John Lennon

Indeed, you better get yourself together, or you might end up dead, as it is not possible to get along with folks whose top goal in life is for your conversion to their religion or your death.

As the folks at Conservative Review adequately stated in review of a Blanco editorial cartoon, these idiots had better wake up and get a clue.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Color & Pageantry 2016 All America Team

The Color & Pageantry
2016 Post Season ALL AMERICA TEAM

Lamar Jackson/ QB Louisville


WR     DeDe Westbrook, Oklahoma
           6'0", 176, SR, Cameron, TX (C H Yoe)

WR     Mike Williams, Clemson
           6'3", 225, JR, Vance, SC (Lake Marion)

WR     John Ross, Washington
           5'11", 190, JR, Long Beach, CA (Long Beach)

TE      Evan Ingram*, Ole Miss
           6'5", 235, SR, Powder Springs, GA (Hillgrove)

OL      Cam Robinson, Alabama
           6'6", 327, JR, Monroe, LA (West Monroe)

OL      Cody O'Connell, Washington State
           6'8", 345, FR, Wenatchee, WA, (Wenatchee)

OL      Pat Elflein, Ohio State
           6'3", 300, SR, Pinkerington, OH (North)

OL      Dan Feeney, Indiana
           6'4", 311, Orland Park, IL (Sandburg)

OL      Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin
           6'6", 314, JR, Stevens Point, WI, (Stevens Point)

QB     Lamar Jackson, Louisville
           6'3", 205, SO, Boynton Beach, FL (Boynton Beach)

RB     Dalvin Cook, Florida State
          6'0", 203, JR, Miami, FL (Central)

RB      James Conner, Pittsburgh
           6'2" 235, JR, Erie, PA (McDowell)

RB      D'Onta Foreman, Texas
           6'0", 2038, JR, Texas City, TX (Texas City)

ATH   Curtis Samuel, Ohio State
           5'11", 197, JR, Brooklyn, NY, (Erasmus)

Jonathan Allen/DE Alabama
Photo/USA Today


DE     Myles Garrett, Texas A&M
          6'5", 262, SO, Arlington, TX, (Martin)

DE     DeMarcus Walker, Florida State
          6'4" 280, SR, Jacksonville, FL (Sandalwood)

DT     Jonathan Allen, Alabama
          6'3", 294, SR, Leesburg, VA, (Stone Bridge)

DT     Ed Oliver, Houston
          6'2" 290, FR, Houston, TX, (Westfield)

DE     Derek Barnett, Tennessee
          6'3", 265, JR, Nashville, TN (Brentwood Academy)

DE     Harold Landry, Boston College
          6'3", 250, JR, Spring Lake, NC (Pine Forest)

OLB   Tim Williams, Alabama
           6'4", 237, SR, Baton Rouge, LA  (University Lab)

ILB     Reuben Foster, Alabama
           6'1", 228 SR, Auburn, AL (Auburn)

ILB     Zach Cunningham, Vanderbilt
            6'4", 212, JR, Pinson, AL (Pinson Valley)

OLB    Jabrill Peppers, Michigan
            6'1, 205, SO, East Orange, NJ, (Paramus)

DB      Adoree' Jackson, USC
            5'11", 185, JR, Belleville, IL, (Serra)

DB      Budda Baker, Washington
           5'10", 192 JR, Belleview, WA (Belleview)

DB      Minkah Fitzpatrcik, Alabama
            6'1", 203, SO, Old Bridge , NJ (St. Peter's Prep)

DB      Jamal Adams, Louisiana State;
            6'1", 213, JR, Lewisville, TX (Hebron)

DB      Jourdan Lewis, Michigan
            5'10", 176, JR, Detroit, MI, (Class Technical)


K         Daniel Carlson, Auburn
            6'4", 218, JR, Colorado Springs, CO, (Classical Academy)

P          Johnny Townsend, Florida
            6'1", 202, SO, Orlando, FL (Boone)

KR       Adoree' Jackson, USC
            5'11", 185, JR, Belleville, IL, (Serra)

PR        Quadree Henderson, Pittsburgh,
             5'8", 186, SO, Wilmington, DE, (Alexis I. du Pont)

ONC     Jalen Hurts, Alabama
             6'2", 210, FR, Chennelview, TX, (Channelview)

DNC     Ed Oliver, Houston
              6'2" 290, FR, Houston, TX, (Westfield)


QUARTERBACKS:  DeShaun Watson, Clemson; Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma;  Luke Falk, Washington State; Greg Ward, Jr., Houston; Jake Browning, Washington; Josh Rosen*, UCLA; Chad Kelly*, Ole Miss; Seth Russell*, Baylor; Jalen Hurts, Alabama; Patrick Mahomes II, Texas Tech; Sam Darnold, USC; Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State; JT Barrett, Ohio State; Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina; Ryan Higgins, La. Tech; Jerod Evans, Virginia Tech; Trevor Knight, Texas A&M; Josh Allen, Wyoming; Mike White, Western Kentucky; Brad Kaya, Miami, Trace mcSorely, Penn State; Nathan Peterman, Pittsburgh and Quentin Flowers, South Florida.

WIDE RECEIVERS:  Austin Carr, Northwestern; Zay Jones, East Carolina; Amba Etta-Tawo, Syracuse; Corey Davis, Western Michigan; Calvin Ridely, Alabama; JuJu Smith-Schuster, Southern Cal; Ryan Switzer, North Carolina; Jordan Westerkamp, Nebraska; James Washington, Oklahoma State; Josh Malone, Tennessee; Isaiah Ford, Virginia Tech; Christian Kirk, Texas A&M; KD Cannon; Baylor; Gabe Marks, Washington State; Ryan Switzer, North Carolina; Josh Reynolds, Texas A&M and Bug Howard, North Carolina.

TIGHT ENDS: Jake Butt, Michigan; Jordan Leggett, Clemson; OJ Howard, Alabama; Cole Hikutini, Louisville and Jaylen Samuels, NC State.

RUNNING BACKS: Donnel Pumphrey, San Diego State; Christian McCaffrey, Stanford; Saquon Barkley, Penn State; Leonard Fournette, Louisiana State; Samaje Perine, Oklahoma; Joe Williams, Utah; Elijah Hood, North Carolina; Wayne Gallman, Clemson; LeShaun Daniels, Iowa; Soney Michel, Georgia; Justin Jackson, Northwestern; Royce Freeman, Oregon; Derrius Grice, LSU; Brian Hill, Wyoming; Jamal Williams, Brigham Young; Kamryn Pettway, Auburn; Myles Gaskin, Washington; Marlon Mack, South Florida; Ronald Jones, USC; Trayveon Williams, Texas A&M and  Mathew Dayes, NC State.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Brian O'Neill, Pittsburgh; Dorian Johnson, Pittsburgh; Roderick Johnson, Florida State; Connor Williams, Texas; Billy Price, Ohio State; Ethan Pocic, LSU; Alex Kozan, Auburn; Mitch Hyatt, Clemson;  Tyler Orlosky, West Virginia, Will Hernandez, UTEP, Orlando, Brown, Oklahoma, Damien Mama, USC; Braden Smith, Auburn; Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame; Bradley Bozeman, Alabama; Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame; Chase Roullier, Wyoming; Frank Ragnow, Arkansas; Zach Banner, USC; Adam Bisnowaty, Pittsburgh; Wyatt Teller, Virginia Tech and Tyrell Crosby, Oregon.

DEFENSIVE LINE:  Jordan Willis, Kansas State; Carlos Watkins, Clemson; Christian Wilkins, Clemson; Hunter Cimick, Utah; Taco Charlton, Michigan; Caleb Brantley, Florida; Chris Wormley, Michigan; Charles Walker, Oklahoma; Ejuan Price, Pittsburgh; Arden Key, LSU; Joe Mathis*, Washington; Elijah Qualls, Washington; Davon, Godchaux, LSU; Malik McDowell, Michigan State; Motravius Adams, Auburn; Nico Siragusa, San Diego State; Derrick Nnadi, Florida State; Carl Lawson, Auburn; Charles Harris, Missouri; Eddie Vanderhoes, UCLA; Devonte Fields, Louisville; Dwayne Smoot, Illinois; Ryan Anderson, Alabama; Solomon Thomas, Stanford and Haason Reddick, Temple.

LINEBACKERS: Jarrad Davis, Florida; Anthony Walker, Northwestern; Kendall Beckwith, LSU; Raekwon McMillan, Ohio State; Ben Boulware, Clemson; TJ Watt, Wisconsin; Jimmie Gilbert, Colorado; Tegray Scales, Indiana; Josey Jewell, Iowa; Micah Kaiser Virginia; Shaquem Griffin, UCF and Tremaine Edmunds, Virginia Tech.

DEFENSIVE BACKS:  Jordan Whitehead*, Pittsburgh; Desmond King, Iowa; Tre'Davious White, LSU; Jalen Tabor, Florida; Weston Steelhammer, Air Force; Eddie Jackson*, Alabama; Tedric Thompson, Coloardo; Quin Blanding, Virginia; Cordrea Tankersly, Clemson; Tavarus McFadden, Florida State; Rasul Douglas, West Virginia; Justin Evans, Texas A&M; Marlon Humphrey, Alabama; Chidobe Awuzie, Colorado; Sidney Jones, Washington; Damontae Kazee, San Diego State; Ahkello Witherspoon, Colorado: Andrew Wingard, Wyoming and Jaire Alexander, Louisville.

KICKERS:  Zane Gonzalez, Arizona State; Gary Wunderlick, Ole Miss; Tyler Davis, Penn State; Austin Rehkow, Idaho and Cole Netten, Iowa State.

PUNTERS: Mitch Wishnowsky, Utah; Micheal Dickson, Texas; JK Scott, Alabama, Austin Rehkow, Idaho and Cameron Johnston, Ohio State,

PUNT RETURNERS: Adoree' Jackson, USC; Dante Pettis, Washington; Jabrill Peppers, Michigan; Christian Kirk, Texas A&M; Brisley Estime, Syracuse; Tim White, Arizona State and JoJo Natson, Akron.

KICK RETURNERS: Quadree Henderson, Pittsburgh; TJ Logan, North Carolina; Evan Berry, Tennessee; Christian McCaffrey, Stanford; Justin Evans, Texas A&M; Brian Pringle, Kansas State and Desmond King, Iowa.

NEWCOMERS: Jalen Hurts, Alabama; Ed Oliver, Houston, Sam Darnold, USC, Trayveon Williams, Texas A&M, Nyquan Murray; Florida State, Chris Evans, RB, Michigan; Brian Burns, Florida State; Dexter Lawrence, Clemson; Taylor Rapp, Washington; N'Keal Harry, Arizona State; Shaq Quaterman, Miami, Deondre Francois, Florida State, Jonah Williams, Alabama; Anthony Nelson, Iowa; Joe Jackson, Miami; Mike Weber, Ohio State; Ahmmon Richards, Miami; Landon Dickerson*, Florida State, Michael Pinckney, Miami; Nick Bosa, Ohio State; Justice Hill, Oklahoma State, David Reese, Florida, Jalen Thompson, Washington State; Bobby Evans, Oklahoma, Clellin Ferrell, Clemson; Ricky Aguayo, Florida State; Jaylon Jones, Ole Miss; Parker Braun, Georgia Tech and Jordan Parker, Oklahoma.

*Injuries impacted the rating of these players