Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Evil Hatred

Comedian Kathy Griffin is, simply put, full of hate.

Her video depicting the decapitation of President Donald Trump, ISIS style, is certainly beyond despicable and light years away from legitimate differences of opinion.  But beyond that, it displays an inner level of hatred that not only lies in the heart of Kathy Griffin, but with a seeming majority of the self proclaimed tolerable and caring leftists.

The above cartoon brilliantly takes the point a step further.

To enhance a political agenda, the left embraces the selling of post (we think) aborted baby body parts.

If anything describes the heartless hatred of these individuals, it is indeed that.

And the low information crowd supporting their efforts have no idea they are championing a group of people who seek control over their livelihoods.

It may be beneficial, from a historical perspective, to note that the party who strongly opposed the civil rights movement was in fact the Democrats.

Just sayin.

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